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Survey reveals patients' concerns about diabetes complications

The results of a Diabetes UK survey, sponsored by Merck Sharpe and Dohme Limited, show that 80 per cent of those surveyed are concerned about having a heart attack, stroke or nerve damage; almost 50 per cent are concerned about experiencing hypoglycaemia; nearly 25 per cent have experienced sexual dysfunction; just under ten per cent have suffered eye damage; and eight per cent have cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes UK conducted the survey with over 2,500 adults affected by Type 2 diabetes.

Everyday challenges

"These results illustrate the everyday challenge facing those living with Type 2 diabetes," said Dr Marc Evans, Consultant Diabetologist in Cardiff.

"If not managed correctly, this condition has wide-reaching, long-term implications."

“People also face the challenge of ensuring their glucose levels don't drop too low, causing hypoglycaemia. This can be a very frightening experience for patients who become unwell, feeling disorientated or dizzy."

How Type 2 diabetes is treated

Type 2 diabetes is treated with lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet, weight loss where appropriate, and increased physical activity.

Medication may also be required to achieve normal blood glucose levels, essential in protecting against long-term damage to the eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart and major arteries.

Unaware of target blood glucose levels

However, 20 per cent of those surveyed were not aware of what their target blood glucose levels should be.

Working in partnership

Caroline Butler, Care Advisor at Diabetes UK, said: “It is essential that everyone with diabetes work in partnership with their healthcare team to help manage their condition effectively.

Reducing the risk of complications

“This means it is crucial that they are able to access the information and support they need with ease, so that they can manage their condition effectively, and thereby reduce the risk of developing devastating complications.”

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