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Advice for people with diabetes and their families

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Food info for parents with Type 1 children

Eating a healthy, balanced diet and choosing the right foods is a vital part part of your child’s diabetes treatment. It can help to manage blood glucose levels, and reduce the risk of complications later on in adult life. Initially it may seem a bit of a minefield, but Diabetes UK is here to help.

Our Enjoy Food pages are here to support the advice provided by your child’s dietitian. It is important your child sees a registered paediatric diabetes dietitian at diagnosis and for regular ongoing reviews.

We’ve got some very useful info on what to do if your child is a naturally fussy eater, he or she likes a snack or two, or has the autoimmune condition coeliac disease. Whatever your situation, Enjoy Food can help you find your way through the important do’s and don’ts.

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