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Healthy food swaps

Many hands make light work – that's certainly true when preparing food.

Cooking and eating together as a family does more than help you eat a healthy, balanced diet. It also helps you learn cookery skills that last a lifetime, whilst having fun with food.

You can always make what you eat that little bit healthier without losing out on flavour. Try some healthy swaps for meals, snacks and occasions and you'll notice the difference.

Healthy swaps

  • Breakfast

    Try these easy swaps for healthier and delicious breakfasts.

  • Ideas for lunch on the go

    Try these easy swaps in your packed lunch this week.

  • Snacks

    Tasty doesn't have to mean unhealthy – give these snack swaps a go.

  • Birthday cake

    There's nothing like a slice of cake on your birthday. Have a small piece of your favourite kind, or use these swaps for a healthier version.

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