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It’s missing: emotional and mental health support

Emotional and mental health support is too often missing

Sign our petition and help all people with diabetes get better emotional and mental health support.

We’re calling on health services in the UK to create national standards for diabetes emotional and mental health support, including:

  • Everyone is asked how they are feeling as part of every diabetes appointment.  

  • A mental health professional with knowledge of diabetes is part of every diabetes care team.

Diabetes is tough and relentless. 

We've spoken to thousands of people whose lives are affected by diabetes. They told us that too often the support they need is missing. 

This lack of support is leaving people feeling frustrated, isolated and alone.

But if we come together as a community, we can help people with diabetes get the help they need.


We know that: 

  • 7 out of 10 people have felt overwhelmed by the demands of living with diabetes.
  • Three quarters of people with diabetes can't get the emotional and mental health support they need.

This has to change.

This isn’t just about what people living with diabetes want. We know healthcare professionals recognise the need for emotional and mental health support as well, and there is good practice being implemented across the UK. 

But we also know that this isn't the case for everyone.

What we're asking for works and it's what people living with diabetes want. These changes will create support and care that sees the whole person with diabetes, not just the condition. 

Join the campaign and tell the nation's health services and the government what’s missing. 

Let's make emotional and mental health support a part of everyone's diabetes care. 

Sign the petition now



Too often missing: Full report

See the evidence we have gathered showing that people with diabetes need greater emotional support.
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Diabetes and emotional wellbeing

Diabetes and emotional wellbeing

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