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Access to Flash across the UK

A huge step forward in the Fight for Flash

Thanks to everyone who has campaigned on Flash

From 1st April 2019, Flash Glucose Monitoring should be available on prescription across the UK to everyone who meets the NHS criteria - no matter where you live. This is a huge step forward for people with type 1 diabetes and means thousands more people will soon have access to this life-changing technology.

This wouldn’t have happened without thousands of people across the diabetes community campaigning to end the Flash postcode lottery over the last 18 months.

However, the campaign also revealed a much wider problem with equal access to all diabetes technology. We’ve launched a survey asking people to tell us about their experience accessing diabetes technology. 

We want to better understand people's attitudes and experiences surrounding diabetes technology, whether they have type 1, type 2, are a parent or carer of someone living with diabetes and whether they are interested in accessing diabetes technology or not. The survey will help us to develop our work surrounding diabetes technology.

We want to hear from as many people as possible. Fill in the survey and tell us your experience.  

Share your experience

What’s the Flash criteria in the UK?

The criteria to qualify for Flash still differs across the UK. Northern Ireland, England and Wales have national criteria which need to be met to qualify for Flash. In Scotland, it will depend on the health board area you live in.

We’ve created four documents which set out exactly what criteria you need to meet across the UK:

Northern Ireland (PDF, 145 KB)

Scotland (PDF, 342 KB)

England (PDF, 118 KB)

Wales (PDF, 152 KB)

What does this mean for me?

We know that, unfortunately, this still won’t mean everyone who could benefit from Flash will be able to access it.

We’ll continue to work with the NHS to broaden the criteria and fight for everyone who can benefit from Flash to be able to access it on prescription.

We’ve also got more advice on how to challenge the decision if you don’t meet the NHS criteria and have issues getting Flash. 

Katie Greenfield

“I was really impressed that Diabetes UK helped me to get the Freestyle Libre on prescription for flash glucose monitoring – that’s made a big difference to my mental and physical wellbeing.”

– Katie

Have questions?

Read our FAQs (PDF 2.6MB)

If you live in an area which is prescribing Flash but you're still struggling to access it, please get in touch and let us know why by emailing

We’re continuing to fight to make sure everyone with diabetes can access the services and treatments they need.

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