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A huge step forward in the Fight for Flash

Thanks to everyone who has campaigned on Flash

On 14 November, NHS England announced an end to the flash glucose monitoring postcode lottery in England.

From April, this life-changing technology will be available on prescription to those who meet the criteria – no matter where they live. This is a huge step forward for people with Type 1 diabetes. The criteria for England were released on 7 March and you can find more information about them here.

In Wales and Northern Ireland Flash is available, using national criteria. You can find more information about the criteria in Northern Ireland on our webpage. Information about the criteria in Wales is available in this Health Technology Wales briefing.

Availability in Scotland is decided upon by local decision makers. Flash is available in almost all areas.

Currently in England around 30% of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across England don’t prescribe Flash.

This announcement should mean an end to the unfair postcode lottery – and to the variations in availability between CCGs which have dogged access to this revolutionary technology.

We’re delighted at the progress we’ve made on Flash – and this wouldn’t have happened without you – thank you.

Where is Flash available now?

Until next April, different areas will continue to have different policies on access to Flash. You can check the situation in your area using the map below.

Enter your postcode to view Flash in your area

What does this mean for me?

We know that, unfortunately, this still won’t mean everyone who could benefit from Flash will be able to access it. There are clear criteria in England that need to be met in order to be eligible for access on the NHS.

What’s new is that these criteria will now be the same for all Clinical Commissioning Groups, and there will also be funding made available. This means that if in the past you’ve been told you can’t have Flash because your local NHS won’t fund it, you should from next April be able to access it if you meet the criteria.

We’ll continue to work with CCGs to broaden the criteria and fight for everyone who can benefit from Flash to be able to access it on prescription.

Have questions?

We still want to know your stories, so if you live in an area which is prescribing Flash but you're still struggling to access it, please get in touch and let us know why.

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And here's our Head of Policy Robin Hewings to explain more about what this means for you.

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