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Flash – campaigning for life-changing technology

Thanks to all your hard work and amazing support, we’re delighted to announce that from November 2017, Flash Glucose Monitoring will now be made available on the NHS.

This is going to revolutionise the way people monitor their blood sugar levels and manage their diabetes. And it wouldn’t have been possible without our supporters who joined the Flash campaign. Together, we’ve made change happen. We really couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you.

A major victory for people with diabetes

Flash Glucose Monitoring (also called Flash GM) is a new technology that is potentially life-changing for many people with diabetes.

It’s a small sensor that you wear just under your skin. It stores your blood glucose levels (or blood sugar levels) continuously and you can access them by scanning the sensor whenever you want to. This can free people living with diabetes from the pain of frequent finger-prick testing, making it easier to keep on top of blood sugar levels.

Until now, only people who could afford this technology could use it.

We think everyone with diabetes should have access to the right technology to support them. That’s why we’ve been campaigning with you, for Flash Glucose Monitoring to be free on the NHS.

What’s next?

But this isn’t the time to put our feet up. The fight for Flash is only just beginning. Getting access to flash glucose monitoring wherever you live in the UK will now depend on local NHS decision makers.

We need your help. We’ve shown the difference we can make when we fight together, so join our campaign to make sure that access to Flash is a reality.


Join the fight for Flash



Adrian and his FreeStyle Libre


"This device represents the biggest step forward in my 18 years as a Type 1. I would be truly lost without it, and there are numerous advantages."

Read Adrian's experience





Mike tells us the benefits of using flash 



"Wearing a sensor gives me more confidence in managing my diabetes. It frees me up to do more exercise and take part in physical activities without needing to run my BGs in double figures 'just in case'."

Read Mike's experience







Flash Glucose Monitoring FAQs

Can I access Flash GM today?

The government’s decision means that Flash GM will be available on the NHS Tariff. This in effect means that it can now be prescribed on the NHS. However, it’s now up to local health decision makers in these nations to include flash on their local formulary and develop local policies on exactly who can get access in each local area.

We need to make sure that local policies mean that everyone who could benefit from Flash GM technology, gets access. We will be monitoring access, encouraging areas to develop policies and will need your help to make sure there is equal access in every area.

Who is Flash GM for?

We brought together a group of experts to look at this question. They advised that Flash GM technology should be made available to any adult or child with Type 1 diabetes and to people with other forms of diabetes if they use insulin. We've made this into a guideline. 

Are you campaigning about pumps and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)?

Continuous glucose monitoring is another type of technology which helps people with diabetes monitor their blood sugar level.

CGM is already available on prescription in the UK, but not everyone who can benefit with diabetes can access it. We think people with diabetes should have access to technology that can help them manage their condition. 

If you have a question about your rights or think you’ve been treated unfairly, we can help. Get in touch with our helpline if you’re having problems accessing pumps or CGM.


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