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Food Upfront - campaigning for clear food labelling

We know it's not easy to find out what’s in your food. 9 out of 10 people say clearer food labelling would help them make healthier food choices.

Evidence shows that clear food labels help us make better choices and give us more control over the food we buy. For people with diabetes, knowing how many carbs, calories and sugars there are in just one meal can be crucial. Yet food labelling is not compulsory, and 1 in 3 food products don’t have front-of-pack labels at all. 

That's why we're calling on the government to make clear and consistent food labelling compulsory on all packaged foods and restaurants across the UK. Help us make this change happen by signing our petition.

Let's change this

Clear labels help us make better choices

In our Future of Diabetes survey, thousands of you told us that unclear labelling in restaurants and supermarkets is making managing diabetes tougher than it should be. We listened, and we’re asking the UK government to listen too.

  • Clear – labels need to be quick to read and easy to understand, you should be able to get the information you need at a quick glance to make it as simple as possible for people with busy lives.
  • Consistent – they shouldn’t look different depending on where you’re doing your shopping. Let’s make things the same across the board.
  • Compulsory – some shops make sure they have labelling, some don’t. Our government have the opportunity to make this a standard requirement in the food industry.

And this won't just help people living with diabetes. Evidence shows clear labelling helps everyone else to make healthier choices too.

The evidence

There’s a lot of evidence to show why food labelling is so important. The Food Standards Agency found that labelling using colour-coding and the words ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’ helps shoppers quickly understand what’s in the food and compare different products, so they can make decisions about what they want.

We base everything we do on strong evidence, and this is no different. We know food labelling works – help us make it better.

9 out of 10 people survey said they wanted clearer information about their food

How better food labels will benefit you

Managing your diabetes day-to-day and keeping healthy is important, we know this. But it’s tricky to do that when there’s not enough information in restaurants, shops and cafes about how many carbs, calories and sugars there are in certain food products. And if you use insulin to treat your diabetes, knowing the amount of carbohydrate in food is critical.

If we’re successful, this would mean:

  • Calories will be labelled on menus in key high street restaurants, cafes and takeaways, with carb content available online or when you ask for it in store.
  • Carbohydrates will be labelled on the back of products, per portion and as prepared. 
  • Front-of-pack traffic light labelling will be used on all pre-packaged foods sold in the UK. This will be the law.

We know this will help people know and work with their diabetes more easily. As well as empowering everyone to make healthier choices. Whoever you are, you deserve to know exactly what you’re eating. 

Not sure what we mean by traffic light labelling? Get all the facts to help you understand food labels.

How you can take action

The time to act is now – the government are reviewing their plans for the food industry at the moment. We need your help to take this opportunity and get these changes in place across the UK.

Your voice matters and will be heard when you sign our petition. The more people sign it and call for action, the stronger our case is for change. 

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