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Our campaigners

We have a network of campaigners committed to winning quality diabetes care locally and nationally.

Whether distributing leaflets or campaigning for a new diabetes care centre, our campaigners have made a huge difference in winning better care for people living with diabetes. 

If you'd like some inspiration, just read through what some of our amazing campaigners have been doing. Want to share your story or start your own campaign? Email our campaign specialists would love to hear from you.

Clare Allom

Securing a new diabetes centre in her community

Clare Allom spent years campaigning for a diabetes 'One-Stop Shop,' where people living with diabetes could get all their tests under one roof. Clare worked tirelessly with local group members, MPs, the media and the NHS to make this happen.

There are now three 'One-Stop Shops' in the area, helping people stay healthy. Clare recently won a Diabetes UK Inspire Award for her amazing efforts.

Find out more about Clare's campaign

Bekki Millar

Campaigning on insulin pumps at airport security

Having travelled with Type 1 diabetes for years, Bekki was disappointed to face problems passing through airport security with her new insulin pump.

Wanting to make sure others didn't face similar problems, Bekki contacted her MP and recieved positive replies from government ministers, airport chiefs and other high profile supporters. She is now backing a petition on the website calling for a standard policy for insulin pumps at airport security.

Find out more about Bekki's campaign

Christine Edwards

Standing up for diabetes education in her area

Despite being a former diabetes nurse, when Christine was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes she realised there was a lot to learn about living with the condition day-to-day.

That's why when she learned diabetes education courses in her area were at risk due to funding cuts, she stepped up.

Find out how Christine saved education courses in her area

Ruth Waxman

Making diabetes a priority nationally and locally

"I felt strongly that not enough was being done to ensure diabetes was taken seriously," explains Ruth on getting involved.

Ruth has taken matters into her on hands, working for two decades to make sure that diabetes was a priority in her area and across the country. She's done everything from speak in Parliament to setting up a Diabetes UK local group in Enfield.

Find out more about Ruth's work

Dolly Bhaskaran

Making sure everyone gets the diabetes care they need

When Dolly was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes after a stroke in 2002, she admits it took her a while to adjust. But now she is a leading figure in Slough healthcare, helping people with all types of diabetes get their 15 Healthcare Essentials.

Dolly has promoted this Diabetes UK campaign and others through her work with Slough Diabetes Support Group and Healthwatch Slough.

Find out more about Dolly's story

Bruce Elliot

Improving care through his Patient Participation Group

As a member of his local GP's Patient Participation Group (PPG), Bruce realised that small changes could have a big impact for people living with diabetes in his area.

By allowing people to view their own medical history online, Bruce found local people with diabetes, himself included, could manage their condition better. Not only did it help people feel more confident, they could get more involved in their own care.

Bruce admits that some GPs were at first "uneasy." After a few years' determined campaigning, the system is now up and running, and making things better for people living with diabetes.

Read more about Bruce's story

Elaine Clark

Big Lobby speaker

On 15 May, Elaine Clark, Diabetes Voice from Barking & Dagenham, attended Diabetes UK’s Big Lobby. Here she shares her thoughts about the day and explains how she got involved.

Find out more about Elaine's story

David Edwards

Campaigning for 15 healthcare essentials

David Edwards is a member of the Sutton and Merton Diabetes Network and is one of our amazing Campaigners. He has campaigned tirelessly for everyone with diabetes to receive their 15 healthcare essentials, influencing retinal screening clinics in the area to hand out checklists to all patients attending their appointments.

Find out more about David's story

Sheila Burston

Campaigning for change

Sheila has been actively helping influence the care of people living with diabetes in Bexley, South East London for many years. As a service champion, she attends meetings with the local NHS to help people get the care and support they are entitled to. In June 2014, Sheila was awarded an MBE for services to people with diabetes and their carers.

Find out more about Sheila's story

Alex Wild

Politics in action

"I was invited to a Diabetes Question Time at the House of Commons in May 2011 by my local Volunteer Development Officer. She said I was a good voice for diabetes because of the voluntary work I had been doing with Diabetes UK, including setting up a support group for people with Type 1 diabetes, and my involvement in the launch of the ThinkGlucose project at my local hospital trust."

Find out more about Alex's journey

Neil Collins

NHS Service User Representative

Neil became an NHS Service User Representative when he realised he was using a variety of NHS services and wanted to act as an advocate for diabetes service provision. He regularly raises important issues with the NHS, such as access to emotional and psychological therapy for people with diabetes. He has also given feedback on NHS leaflets to help make them more user-friendly for patients.

Find out more about Neil's story

Roy Johnson

APPGD spokesman

Roy Johnson spoke to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Diabetes (APPGD) about his personal experience of amputation.

Find out about Roy's experience

Terry Nougher-Fuller

Terry, a Service Champion and campaigner from Rotherham, shares his own experience of being involved with his local NHS.

Find out more about Terry's story

Peter Gilbert

Diabetes personal care charter

"I’ve lived with Type 1 diabetes since 1974. I’ve always been passionate about education for people with diabetes, so when I heard that a new Diabetes Service User Group was being set up in Hammersmith & Fulham, I jumped at the chance to get involved."

Find out more about Peter's story

Peter Green

Championing the patient perspective

"I first became involved with the NHS in 1954, when I was asked to use my former professional skills as a journalist and PR executive with the Mansfield and Sutton League of Hospital Friends, of which I am now an honorary life member."

Find out more about Peter's journey

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