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Good Diabetes Care in School Award



We are so very proud to announce another 60 schools have won our Good Diabetes Care in School Award in our final round for the year. That brings the total to 229 schools from across the country who are delivering great diabetes care to students with Type 1 diabetes.

Check out all the winning schools on ourHonour Walland please share ourTwitterandFacebookposts.

We know that the Award is very popular with schools and parents alike. Parents have told us how reassuring it is to know that schools everywhere are keeping students with Type 1 safe, happy and fully included. The award has given schools a massive incentive to put the right procedures in place such as Medical Conditions Policies which benefit all children with medical conditions. It has also helped spread the word about Type 1 diabetes and how it affects children and young people, bringing it to the attention of school staff, peers and the wider community.

We will be taking a break from the award in the next school year as our funding support comes to an end. But don’t worry, we are committed to making this winning initiative happen again. So please bear with us while we look for new opportunities to bring the award back to you in 2018/19.


What do schools get from the award?

  • An impressive glass trophy and award certificate valid for two years.
  • Use of the Good Diabetes Care in School Award logo on all their print and digital stationery.
  • Featured on theDiabetes UK Honour Wallas a good-practice school.
  • Positive media attention about the school’s achievements.
  • Ongoing support from Diabetes UK.

What do parents get from the award?

  • A growing directory of schools recognised by Diabetes UK as delivering good diabetes care.
  • The knowledge that their child is safe and fully integrated at school.
  • The chance to nominate their child’s school if they’re giving great care.

What do children with Type 1 get from the award?

  • The care and support they deserve so that they can get on with enjoying life at school.

Who can nominate?

  • A parent or carer of a child with Type 1 diabetes currently/recently attending the nominated school.
  • A healthcare professional responsible for the clinical care of a child currently attending the nominated school.
  • A staff member from the school.
  • A school governor.

What happens next?

  • Once you have nominated a school, we will send the nominated school an award application pack including an award application number by post or email within five days of the nomination.
  • If you are not the school, you should tell them that they have been nominated so that they know to expect the application pack.
  • The application pack includes all the information the school needs to apply for the award.
  • The school must follow the instructions in the pack and submit their application online to be considered for the award.
  • For more details on what the school must do and how to submit online, follow the Information for Schools link below.

Information for schools

Learn all about what your school needs to do to apply for the Award.

Information for schools 

Find out which schools have won the Good Care in Schools Award


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