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Good Diabetes Care in School Award - Application questions

Good diabetes care in school award

There are the 17 simple questions for you, as the school, to answer. In order to be considered for the award we need the form to be complete. When you have all your supporting documents and you are ready to start you can apply online. Here are the questions you'll need to answer. When you're ready, you canapply for the award online. 


The questions

1. Name and address for your school - Make sure that your schools contact details and email address are correct and complete so we can be in touch as soon as possible.

2. Is your nomination supported by the parent or carer of a child with Type 1 diabetes who currently attends your school, or who went to the nominated school in the last school year? - Here is where you’ll attach the parent/carer support form. 

3. Is your nomination supported by the student’s paediatric diabetes healthcare professional? -  
Here is where you’ll attach the healthcare professional support form. 

4. Do you have a medical conditions policy in place that covers procedures for managing and ensuring full participation by children with Type 1 diabetes? - Here is where you’ll attach your schools medical conditions policy.

5. When did you last update/change their medical conditions policy? 

(a) How did the policy change? 

(b) Why was the policy changed? (Choose from the following)

  • Government’s new duty on schools in England to support pupils with medical conditions 
  • Diabetes UK’s Make the grade campaign 
  • A parent’s influence 
  • A healthcare professional’s influence 
  • Another school’s influence/support 
  • First time with a child with Type 1 diabetes 
  • New head teacher 
  • New staff member or SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator) 
  • Other 

6. Are you open to changing your medical conditions policy if required or suggested by Diabetes UK or the paediatric diabetes team? 

7. Do you have an individual healthcare plan in place for every child with Type 1 diabetes, that has been developed in partnership with the parent/carer and the paediatric diabetes team, and fulfils the criteria outlined here?

8. Do you have a sufficient number of staff trained to provide day-to-day care to children with diabetes? If yes then: 

(a) How many trained staff? 
(b) How many provide regular support (at least once a week/month)? 
(c) When was training last provided? 
(d) Who delivered the training? 

Note: This is an essential requirement for the award

9. Which of the following diabetes care in school good practice criteria do you meet? - You’ll be asked to tick all that apply

  • No child with Type 1 diabetes is excluded from any part of our curriculum. 
  • Every child with Type 1 diabetes has access to after-school activities, including overnight stays and trips abroad. 
  • We work with the local authorities and health services to make sure the needs of children with Type 1 diabetes are met. 
  • A paediatric diabetes team provides training and support to us, so school staff have the skills and confidence they need to look after a child with Type 1 diabetes. 
  • No parent is relied upon to come into school to treat their child’s diabetes. 
  • Every child with Type 1 diabetes is allowed to inject insulin wherever they feel comfortable. 
  • We have a ‘medical conditions at school’ policy, which is updated every year. 
  • Every child with Type 1 diabetes has an individual healthcare plan (IHP), which details exactly what their needs are and who will help provide them. 
  • The parents or guardians of children with Type 1 diabetes deliver up-to-date information about their child’s needs, as well as all the supplies needed to manage their child’s diabetes in school. 
  • We are aware that each child with Type 1 diabetes has individual needs. 
  • All our staff know what to do in case of emergency, and at least two people are trained in how to care for a child with Type 1 diabetes. Planned staff absences are coordinated so that there is always one trained person in school on any given day. 
  • Our staff and parents have agreed on a clear method of communication that is effective. 
  • Children with Type 1 diabetes are never left alone when experiencing a hypo, or prevented from eating or drinking to prevent or treat a hypo. 
  • Children with Type 1 diabetes are never prevented from blood testing or taking insulin and are able to look after their equipment themselves. 
  • When children with Type 1 diabetes have exams, specific plans are included in that year’s IHCP and agreed between us, the child and their parents.
  • Children with Type 1 diabetes are not frequently sent home or penalised for poor attendance when absence is related to their diabetes. 
  • Every child with Type 1 diabetes is listened to and their views are taken into account. 
  • None of the above (please note your school will need to meet the majority of the checklist to be eligible for the award). 

If there are some good practice markers you don't you'll be prompted to provide a brief explanation as to why these were not ticked. 

10. Please give an example of good care given to a child with Type 1 diabetes at your school for example participation in school trips or sports, strong examples of day-to-day management, how your school resolved a tricky issue.

11. Have you informed all parents/carers (through your usual communication channels) of this nomination and provided a link to the Diabetes UK Good Diabetes Care in School Nomination Parent Survey? - You’ll be asked to attach evidence, including the date information was sent to parents for example a copy of the newsletter article, website announcement, letter home to parents etc

12. Do you have additional information they wish to include in this nomination? 

13. Are you willing to build networks with other schools locally and regionally to share good practice and provide leadership and support? 

14. Do you agree to be included on a Diabetes UK schools register for good practice sharing, promotional purposes, press and events?

15. Have you ordered/received a Type 1 diabetes School Pack? 

16. If successful, do you agree to have the school name listed on the online Type 1 diabetes: Make the grade – Good Diabetes Care in School Award wall of recognition? 

17 Has your school been awarded the Good care in School Award previously? - If yes, when was your Award granted?


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