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Health conspiracy


No cons, no piracy, just a fit and healthy workplace

Conspiracies tend to get a bad rep. Dodgy deals, rigged elections, general snooping.

But today we propose an exception to the rule. And you’re going to lead it, Secret Weapon.

This health conspiracy is a not-so-secret plot to know what diabetes is and fight for people affected by it, whilst reaping the benefits of being a little healthier.

Productivity will soar. Wellbeing will be so in-the-face of visitors that they’ll ask for a job instantly. And your conspiracy will eventually form part of everyday life.

If only all conspiracies were this epic, right?

Assess your workplace

Form a task force to covertly assess snack routines, lunchtime hotspots, average hydration levels and anything else you can in a sneaky yet scientific way.

Use walkie talkies to add legitimacy and refuse to accept a conversation is finished until someone says ‘over’.

Knowing and fighting diabetes

Diabetes is serious and realising this is key to your conspiracy. There are a range of types, the more commonly being type 1type 2 and gestational diabetes.

Type 2 is preventable in many cases, so it’s important we share ways you can reduce your risk of developing it.

Type 1 isn’t preventable, which is why it’s vital we share the symptoms for early diagnosis. It occurs in both children and adults.

Gestational diabetes affects pregnant women and you reduce your risk by managing your weight, eating healthily and keeping active.

Our website has everything you need to know about diabetes. And your fundraising rebel tactics provide you with the tools to fight for people affected by it.

Add to your assessment knowledge to share about diabetes.

Begin the conspiracy

So you’ve assessed your workplace and are armed to the teeth with knowledge about diabetes. Do your colleagues have access to simple exercise routines, healthy snacks and tasty clearly labelled lunches? How can you help fellow rebels kick bad habits and introduce revolutionary new ones?

Let’s find out.

We’ve broken down the conspiracy into three categories of focus, but expand as you see fit.

  • Eating a little healthier
  • Getting more active
  • Kicking habits

Tap a clip board and make thinking noises as you review if these actions fit your assessment.

Eating a little healthier

Small changes in what we eat makes a real difference.

Gently does it, there’s no judgement or lectures on anyone's diet. But gradually many of your fellow rebels will make healthier choices through learning about food and as you lead by example.

  • Form a healthy snack delivery force
  • Hold free fresh fruit and veg celebration days
  • Covertly flyer healthy restaurants via ventilation shaft
  • Use our recipes for healthy bake sales
  • Call in reinforcements to hold a Know Your Risk day or find out online
  • Keep your fellow rebels hydrated and introduce regular walking breaks

Getting more active

It can be hard to make time for exercise or find the motivation to exercise regularly. It's no surprise, we live busier lives than ever before.

We propose you become a unified front that encourages, motivates and celebrates legendary activity within your workplace. If you’ve set yourself an aim then tell your fellow rebels exactly what you want to achieve and why, you’ll help each other get over the finish line every time.

  • Form exercise clubs for every day of the week
  • Galvanise teams to take part in an event together
  • Sign up to one of our Diabetes UK events, like Swim22 or One Million Steps
  • Start sports teams for all skill levels and join a league
  • Convoy to your workplace by foot or peddle
  • Find nearby gyms and seek discount memberships for your workplace 

Kicking habits

Habits can be a pain to shift. But giving them the boot can be the spark that sets you off on the path to being fit and healthy.

Whether it's a life changer or significant tweak, where there's a will there's a rebellious way to make a change, just for you.

  • Form regular support groups for tough habits
  • Set yourself goals and appoint a revolutionary sponsor for support
  • Cover your workplace in motivational posters
  • Provide thoughtful incentives for rebels kicking habits
  • Celebrate achievements on your post-it-note dashboard
  • Swap a habit for a fundraising event to give you revolutionary direction

Right, Steve’s taking his swimming so seriously he's forgotten to change his outfit again, we’d better nudge him to get his shirt back on. 

We want this conspiracy to spread across the nation. And it starts with you. Our rebel with a cause.




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