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Volunteer Conferences 2017 - Taking Action Now

This year, we held conferences in 4 regions and nations across the UK to celebrate the wonderful work and successes of our volunteers. Our volunteers were also updated on the wider work of the charity, had the opportunity to network and learn from each other and be inspired to continue volunteering.

The theme for our 2017 conferences was Taking Action Now to reflect our refreshed strategy and repositioning of our cause. 

What happened at the volunteer conferences?

All our conferences started with a presentation from a member of our Executive Team, followed by a regional/national local presentation from the Heads of Region. 

After lunch, our volunteers then participated in one of our workshops to support their volunteering and learn more about diabetes. There was also opportunity for networking, where volunteers heard real life stories from their peers and people living with diabetes. 

Our conferences ended with the presentation of thelocal Inspire Award winners. Find out who won the overall category at theUK Inspire Awards


Where were the conferences?


4 March 2017


25 March 2017

Northern Ireland

6 April 2017


6 May 2017

Highlights of the day

Diabetes UK volunteer Bindie Wood shares her thoughts of the London volunteer conference

"My highlight was definitelyFreddie and Kai both winningtheir category nomination - I was so relieved! I loved the food, the venue was marvellous, it was walking distance for me so I caught a bus there.  

I really enjoyed myself, and was surprised by how much more I've learned about the Diabetes UK. It has inspired me to share my renewed enthusiasm with fellow group members. 

It was a lot better than I expected, it was creative, fun and educational."

In those regions and nations not holding a conference in 2017 there will be volunteer networking days in place of conferences. This will give more opportunity for volunteers to engage with other volunteers and Diabetes UK. Your local volunteering team will send information about these days.

For more information on volunteer conferences and networking days, please 

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