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Support people living with diabetes

Adjusting to the knowledge that you or a family member has diabetes takes time and it is often helpful to meet other people who have been through a similar situation. They can offer understanding, help and support at an important time.

Find out more about how you can support people living with diabetes.

Volunteer with your local Diabetes UK group

Diabetes UK groups offer people living with diabetes a chance to meet up and talk about their experiences. They are all run by volunteers and normally meet on a monthly basis, but every group is different. Some groups invite a speaker along to each meeting, to talk about a topic such as diet or healthcare services in their local area, whereas other groups meet up to pursue a shared interest such as cycling.

We have over 289 groups across the UK. You can find your nearest group on our Local Support Groupspage and ask the committee how you can get involved. 

Set up a new local group

If you can't find a support group in your area, take a look at ourStarting a new grouppage. Your local volunteering team will give you support and resources to set up a new group. We will continue to support the group with new guidance, training and publications.

If you need medical advice

Please note that groups cannot give medical advice. They can only talk about diabetes from their own experiences. If you need medical advice please contact your local diabetes specialist nurse, or local diabetes centre.

Volunteer on our Care Events

Our 2016 programme of Care Events is set to be an exciting one. To make all the events possible we need more healthcare professionals, more people living with diabetes, and more people with an interest in diabetes, to volunteer their time. It's hugely rewarding and can give you invaluable experience of diabetes care for children and young people.

You're welcome to give as much time as you want – join us for a one-day event once a year, or for a whole summer of week-long holidays – the choice is yours.

Apply to be a volunteer

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