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Our campaigning and awareness work has a real impact on the lives of those with, and at risk of diabetes, every day. But we can’t do it without you.

Campaigns such as Putting Feet First, which aims to half the rate of amputations that affect people with diabetes. More than 100 people with diabetes have a leg, foot or toe amputated each week and we want to stop that through raising awareness amongst those with diabetes, healthcare professionals and politicians and improving local foot care services. 

We need your help to do this.


4Ts - helping to spot diabetes in children

Our4Ts campaignhas been vital in raising awareness of the 4 most common symptoms of Type 1 diabetes, meaning more children and young people are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes before they become seriously ill. 

"When my son Tom was diagnosed, he was in a come, had brain swelling and was close to death. He'd been ill for several weeks. But I didn't know the symptons well enough to insist his doctors test for Type 1 diabetes."

Jacqui, Tom and Joe's story

Your donations enable us to continue this vital work but if you’d like to get hands on with awareness raising, please go to ourCampaigning page 

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