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Research is our hope for the future. We support the projects, people and ideas that are transforming Type 1 diabetes care, and leading us towards a cure.

We’ve already helped UK scientists make life-changing breakthroughs. Did you know that our support led to the first ever insulin pen and to trials of an artificial pancreas? And that right now we’re driving forward work on a Type 1 diabetes vaccine?

With your support we could be doing so much more. Please help us by donating today. Even the smallest gift has the potential to change millions of lives.

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Diabetes UK support is bringing together researchers from across the UK to develop a vaccine to prevent Type 1 diabetes in those at risk, and take an important step towards a cure.


"This funding has already led to a bold new collaboration between UK diabetes scientists and will provide an immense boost for this field. Within ten years we hope to see the first vaccine therapies delivered to patients in the clinic."

Professor Colin Dayan, Cardiff University

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