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Could a cure for diabetes be your life's legacy?

A gift in your Will can ensure your passions and values live on - transforming what having diabetes means to families like Phoebe’s.


Want to leave a gift in your Will today?

If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your Will, please get in touch with Becky and Jodi from our Gifts in Wills team on 020 7424 1853, or email

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How a gift in your Will can help

Gifts in Wills fund a third of all we do. Ultimately, they're helping us to find a cure for diabetes.

And it's thanks to our supporters who've left a gift in their Will, that people like 13-year-old Phoebe can live well with diabetes today. Because of their kindness, we’ve been able to make life-changing breakthroughs like the insulin pump, which has completely changed Phoebe's life.

Breakthroughs like this have made Phoebe's life so much better. But it wouldn't happen without gifts in Wills from people like you.

Despite advances, diabetes has become the most devastating health crisis of our time, affecting more people than cancer and dementia combined. 700 people are diagnosed with diabetes every day, and a million others have diabetes without even knowing it.

That's why we have to keep breaking new ground into diabetes treatment and care until the day we find a cure.



"Phoebe's life suddenly became so much easier. We had more control, which made her so much safer" - Michelle, Phoebe's mum



Read more from Phoebe's story below to find out what a cure would mean to her – and every other child growing up with diabetes. And remember, there are millions more who stand to benefit from your legacy. Thank you.


Phoebe's story

Phoebe is just like most girls her age, but one thing that sets her apart from her friends is the fact that she has type 1 diabetes. “Diabetes doesn’t stop me doing things my friends do”, says Phoebe. “But I have to be more careful than them because I can easily make myself ill”.

Michelle, Phoebe's mum continues "advances funded by Diabetes UK have already made Phoebe’s life better. But one day she’s got to go to university, and, of course, she’s going to be away from us. That’s going to be really hard, knowing we can’t be there if she needs help" 

But today, we’re closer to finding a cure for diabetes than ever before. A gift in your Will could help us make that final breakthrough. And the impact of that would be incredible.

As Phoebe says: “Being told they’d found a cure…I’d love that, and so would every other child growing up with diabetes. It would mean the world to me”.

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