Telling your friends


I was a bit scared that my friends might not want to be my friends after I told them about my diabetes. But they were fine and I realised diabetes is nothing to be ashamed of or to hide.

Liz has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, just like you. Can you spot the difference between her before she was diagnosed and after?

Couldn't see any differences? That's because there aren't any. Liz is still the same person, even though she now has diabetes - and your friends will soon realise that nothing has changed about you, either.

How should I tell friends about my diabetes?


You might not feel you want to tell your friends at school about your diabetes, but it really is a good idea.

It might feel scary, thinking that they’ll think differently about you or they won’t like you anymore. But really, would you feel like that if it was them who had diabetes?

They might be worried, even a little scared but that will just be because they don’t understand diabetes and what it means to you. Once they know that nothing bad will happen to you, and you’re just the same as you always were, they’ll want to know all about it and how best they can help you. So don’t shut them out – friends can be a great support and sometimes “get” things that parents, teachers and nurses don’t.

Outside of your friends, who else you tell about your diabetes is really up to you. Some children find it helps to talk to their whole class about diabetes so everyone understands it and how it affects you. That can help busting some of those myths about it too. But other children only want their close friends to know.

If you decide to talk to your whole class, talk to your Mum or Dad and your nurse as they’ll be able to help you with what to say.


  • Your friends probably won't know much about diabetes, and will be really interested to hear what you have to say about it.

Your comments

"I've told one friend and she reacted fine, but I don't know about my other friends"

–  Natalie

"This boy at my school says, "Ha ha, you have diabetes." So I say to him, "Well it makes me who I am so deal with it" lol :)" 

– Hollie

"I haven't been back yet but my teacher told all my class that I got diabetes. My closest friends knew first they were all supportive to me." 

– Katie

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