Fast food

Don’t worry...

... you can still have your favourite foods now you have diabetes. Fast food (things like burgers and chips) aren’t very good for you if you have lots of them, but it’s OK to have them sometimes.

And when you do, there are ways to make them more healthy:

Fish and chips

Take off some of that thick batter, and have chunky chips rather than french fries.

Or you could have a small portion or share a portion with a friend.


Choose vegetable toppings rather than meat or extra cheese, and don’t go for the cheese stuffed crusts. Try new vegetables, or experiment with different toppings.

Thin bases are better for you than thick ones, and try having a salad with it instead of garlic bread.


Leave off the extra cheese and mayo, and have a salad with it rather than chips.

Save milkshakes for special occasions because they’ve got lots of fat and sugar in them.


Choose plain rice or noodles because they’re better for you than fried rice.

And go for stir-fries or soups rather than spring rolls and prawn toasts – keep those for special occasions as they’re not so healthy.


Go for tandoori or tikka dishes instead of deep fried things. And choose a biriani instead of korma or massala dishes, which have a lot of fat in them.

And again, boiled or basmati rice is better for you than pilau or fried rice.

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