Hypos (kids)

If our bodies run out of glucose (sugar), we sort of 'run down'. We call this 'having a hypo' or 'going low'. Don't worry. It is very normal to have a hypo now and again.

Hypos make different people feel different things. Here is a list of some of the things that people feel.

  • I feel tired.
  • I feel confused.
  • I feel moody.
  • My heart beats quickly.
  • I get fuzzy vision.
  • I feel hot and sticky.
  • My lips tingle.
  • I feel weak and shaky.
  • I go pale.
  • I feel hungry.


Hypos happen when there isn't enough glucose (sugar) in your blood.

  • Most people feel a bit strange just before they have a hypo - and these feelings are your body's way of warning you that you're having a hypo.


What to do

When you are feeling hypo there are some easy ways to make yourself feel better.

Find out what to do

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