Easter treats quiz

How much do you know about Easter treats and diabetes? Get your family or friends involved if you like. Add up the points next to each question and see how many you’ve got at the end!


1. Which type of chocolate makes your blood glucose levels go up?

  • Normal chocolate (1)
  • Diabetic chocolate (1)
  • Both types of chocolate (3)

2. How much chocolate should people with diabetes have?

  • Loads and loads (1)
  • None at all (1)
  • A small bit as a treat (3)


3. Can people with diabetes eat more Easter eggs if they are ‘diabetic’ Easter eggs?

  • Yes (1)
  • I’m not sure (1)
  • No (3)

4. Are people without diabetes allowed to eat more chocolate than people with diabetes?

  • Yes (1)
  • I don't know (1)
  • No (3)

5. Why shouldn't you have diabetic chocolate? (Clue: there are two correct answers!)

  • It still makes your blood sugar go up (3) 
  • It doesn't taste very nice (1)
  • It might give you a tummy upset (3)




How did you do?

0–5Diabetes can be scary to begin with, so it’s easy to get confused about things. Why don’t you try exploring the My Life website to find out more about diabetes? Or, ask your mum, dad or carer if you’re unsure. Read more about treats.

6–9Good effort!Whether you've not had diabetes for long, or you’ve had it for a while, it can still be confusing, so if you’ve ever got any questions, talk to your mum, dad or carer – or go to the My Life website to find out more!

10+Well done – you really know your stuff! There’s lots more you can learn about diabetes on the My Life website, too!

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