Brothers and sisters - diabetes in children

Diabetes can cause problems with brothers and sisters, but it won't always be like that.

Are you or your brothers and sisters jealous?

You might feel jealous if you think your brothers and sisters are allowed to do more than you while your mum and dad are trying to get used to looking after your diabetes. Or, your brothers and sisters might feel that you’re getting all the attention because of your diabetes, and they have to make a big fuss to get your mum and dad to remember they exist.

Talk to your brothers and sisters and ask what's upsetting them.

Do your brothers and sisters understand?

If your brothers and sisters don’t understand about diabetes, they might be frightened or worry they won’t know what to do if you have a hypo. They might also be scared that they’re going to get diabetes too.

Explain as much as you can about your diabetes - show them how you do a test and inject. Ask your mum or dad to see if your nurse can come and talk to your brothers and sisters about diabetes. 


  • Your mum and dad will need to learn about diabetes just like you.
  • Your brother or sister might feel left out so talk to them and get them involved with your diabetes.


How to help them

There are some simple things you and Mum and Dad can do to make things easier with your brother or sister.

Find out what you can do

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