"My brother has got diabetes"

Has your brother or sister just got Type 1 diabetes? Read about how Jack’s sister Chloe felt when Jack got it.


I was really upset when Jack got Type 1 diabetes. I didn’t know what it was, and I was frightened because he’d been really sick and had to go to hospital. I didn’t know how long he’d be in hospital and he had to have lots of injections and stuff. Jack really loves skateboarding and football, and I thought he wouldn’t be able to do those things anymore because he was sick.

Mum was always at the hospital too. I went to Granny’s a bit, which was nice because she gave me treats that Mum doesn’t, but I missed Mum and I wanted to talk to her about school and stuff. But then I felt bad because I knew Jack needed her at the hospital.

I was scared because I thought I might get diabetes too. I didn’t know why Jack had it, so maybe I’d catch it. I even thought maybe I’d done something to make him get it. Jack and I fight quite a lot, and I started to think maybe if I’d been nicer to him he wouldn’t have got diabetes.

I got a bit jealous as well. Everybody spoilt him and he got lots of presents. I didn’t want to be in hospital or anything, but I wished people would make a fuss of me. Then I felt bad because I knew he was sick and he deserved it really.  

Talking to friends and family


My friend at school asked me if I was OK and I ended up telling her about Jack and everything. She said maybe if I found out a bit about diabetes then I wouldn’t feel so bad. She said I should talk to Mum too. I didn’t really want to because I knew Mum was upset already, but I didn’t want to worry her.

But I’m glad I did. She told me nobody knew why Jack got diabetes, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault. She said some children just get it, but I shouldn’t worry that I’d get it too. And she said Jack would be just the same, only he’d have diabetes and that made him a bit different. But we all have things that make us different.

Learning about diabetes

Mum told me she had to spend a lot of time with Jack because she was learning how to look after his diabetes. It wasn’t that she liked him better than me or anything. She asked me if I wanted to learn about diabetes and I said I did, so she showed mea film which really helped me understand it.

She said if I didn’t know what I could do to help Jack, I should ask him. That way he’d know I cared, but wouldn’t get annoyed because I was doing stuff or asking things he didn’t want me to. So I did and it was really good because now I know what helps him and what doesn’t.

Does life go back to normal?

Now Jack’s had diabetes for a while and everything’s sort of normal again. It’s not like it used to be because we have to think about things like taking all Jack’s diabetes stuff when we go out and he has to do his injections and blood checks.

Sometimes he doesn’t feel very well if his sugars are a bit high or low, but Mum can usually make him better. The first time he had a hypo I was really scared because he went all pale and shaky and then he went really sleepy. But Mum gave him some Lucozade and he was fine again really quickly! I know what to do now if he has a hypo so I’m not frightened anymore.


Jack has to go to the hospital to see his doctor and nurse and sometimes I go with him. They’re really nice and they talk to me as well as Jack and Mum. Afterwards we go out for dinner for a treat.

I still get a bit worried about Jack sometimes, but I tell Mum now and she explains things so I feel better. And I get annoyed when I think he’s getting more attention than me. But I know it’s not him, it’s his diabetes. And he gets annoyed with me sometimes, too. So, it’s all sort of normal now really.


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