Sometimes I’m looked after by a babysitter, or I go and stay with granny and grandpa. Mum and Dad explain my diabetes to whoever is looking after me.

When I stay over at Danny's house, his parents know what to do if I go hypo.

Sometimes my parents give me my injection before my babysitter arrives. But they have shown her how to do it in case they go out early.

Does it matter if my babysitter does things differently to my Mum and Dad?

Other people might do things a bit differently to your mum and dad but that doesn’t make it wrong. Mum or Dad will have made sure your babysitter doesn’t do anything that would cause a big problem with your diabetes. Don’t worry if you have extra treats when you are being looked after by someone else. They’ll tell your mum and dad what you’ve eaten and been up to, just in case your blood glucose is a bit high when you go home.

My parents don’t live together. When I first got diabetes my Mum stayed with me in hospital and learned how to look after it. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to go and stay with Dad because he didn’t know about diabetes.

But Mum and I went to see Dad with my nurse and explained it to him. My nurse showed him how to do my injection and blood test and everything. Now he’s just as good as my Mum! I take all my diabetes stuff with me when I stay with him but he keeps some spare stuff for me as well in case I forget anything. 


  • If you have a babysitter or stay away from home, your mum and dad will explain you diabetes to whoever is looking after you.
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