Research questions

Do you know that there are lots of grown-ups who go to work to research diabetes?

Let's find out more.

Diabetes research is what people do to find out new things about diabetes. People who do research are called scientists. Scientists do lots of tests and experiments to find out which of their ideas work and which don't. Scientists usually do their research in a laboratory and they use special equipment to help them do their tests.

Why isn't there a cure for diabetes?

Because no one really knows what causes diabetes. But there are lots of scientists looking for a cure and looking for new ways to treat diabetes.

What are the scientists researching at the moment?

You have diabetes because your pancreas stopped working. So lots of scientists are busy trying to find a way to keep it working. Scientists are also working on an artificial pancreas – that means something else does the job your pancreas used to do. 

How long will it take to find out if these ideas will work?

It might take a very, very long time. But scientists discover new things about diabetes all the time. For example, insulin injections were invented about 80 years ago - this might have been when your grandparents were babies, or just before they were born.


Insulin pumps were invented around 35 years ago - this might have been when your mum and dad were babies. Just imagine how much more the scientists will know by the time you are grown up!


  • Lots of scientists are working hard to find ways to make things better for people with diabetes.
  • Scientists discover new things about diabetes all the time.

What have scientists found?

Scientists are always trying out new things - see what discoveries they have already made and what new stuff they're working on.

Read about their discoveries

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