Research discoveries

What have scientists found?


It might take a very, very long time before the scientists know if any of their new ideas will work or not. But they do discover new things about diabetes all the time.

Insulin injections

For example, scientists didn’t always know the right medicine to give people with diabetes. They only invented insulin injections about 80 years ago – this might be around the time your grandparents were babies, or just before they were born.

Less of a pain

Scientists are also experimenting with ideas for ways to make testing your blood and taking your insulin less painful.

Insulin pumps

Scientists also invented insulin pumps around 35 years ago – this might be around the time your parents were babies.

In the future

Just imagine how much more the scientists will know by the time you are a grown-up.

Find out more

If you or your parents want to know more about the research work that Diabetes UK is doing, visit the Research section of the Diabetes UK website.

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