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Type 1 and uni life

Your time at uni will be some of the best years. 

It's often a massive change. One where you make new friends, have new routines, living arrangments and a new independence.

There are a few things to think about before you get there, which will help you manage your diabetes in a new environment and get the most out of uni life.


Sex and relationships

Watch our videos all about Type 1, sex and relationships – and those awkward moments we all go through!

University eating

Read our tips for healthy eating on a budget and planning meals when you're out and about.


Alcohol is often a big part of uni life. Find out more about managing Type 1 when you're drinking.

Emma's story

Emma gives her tips on handling new friendships, new house shares and new routines.

Tom's story

Tom on how support from his uni helped him with the ups and downs of diabetes and student life.

Kaja's story

Kaja had to adapt to uni life with diabetes, after being diagnosed in her first term.


Need support?


Diabetes UK Helpline


Got a question about Type 1 and university? You can talk to us about any aspect of uni life – including getting settled in, moving diabetes team, accessing student support, coping with study stress or managing your Type 1 diabetes on nights out.

And we know that starting university means big changes for parents too. If you want to talk to us, we’re here.






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