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The science bit

What is being done about diabetes? The good news is that researchers are on to it.

Research is carried out across the world, with researchers constantly working on ways to improve diabetes care, looking for ways to predict the condition and stop it developing, as well as searching for a cure.

In this section we'll keep you up-to-date with the latest worldwide developments in diabetes research - read about possible new ways to take insulin, and new findings on the causes and effects of diabetes, and much more.

Close to home

The UK is well respected for its history of diabetes research, and Diabetes UK has played a key role since it was set up in 1934 (as the British Diabetic Association). Since then, Diabetes UK has been one of the major non-commercial funders of diabetes research in the UK.

Research funded by Diabetes UK has been of the highest scientific quality and has had national and international impact. We're investing millions of pounds in the following three key areas:

Care and treatment

People with diabetes would welcome a cure but for many people the priority is good care and treatment for their condition. This means easier ways to live with their diabetes, day to day.

Cause and prevention of diabetes and its complications

If researchers can find out more about the causes of diabetes, it takes us a step closer to ways of preventing anyone developing the condition again.


Although diabetes can be treated very successfully, unfortunately it can’t be cured at the moment. But researchers are hard at work at finding a cure, and every new thing we learn about diabetes leads us closer to that goal.

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