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Frequently asked questions about the travel insurance transition

Why are you changing from the existing scheme Diabetes UK Insurance Services?

Our scheme operators Gallagher Heath gave us notice that they had decided to withdraw from this sector of the insurance market.

Why did you choose AllClear Travel Insurance for the new scheme?

AllClear is a market leader in the provision of cover to a wide spectrum of medical conditions and it has no upper age limit on either its single trip or annual multi-trip policies.  Our members and supporters tell us those features are particularly important.

Does AllClear have any independent verification of the quality of its products and services?

Yes, it is rated five star on Trustpilot based on 1000+ customer feedback comments; and for the last five years it has been the chosen medical travel insurance provider for the British Insurance Brokers Association.

Does AllClear have a UK-based call centre? 

Yes, it is based in Essex at AllClear House, 1 Redwing Court, Ashton Road, Romford, Essex, RM3 8QQ: Call 0808 168 8711: Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm | Saturday 9am to 5pm | Sunday 10am to 5pm.

Is the new online system easy to use? 

Yes, the format of the new online system is similar to the old system so people who've used that will find it familiar. It also has the added feature of “Live Chat” which many customers find to be a helpful tool.

What if I need to make a change to my current annual policy which does not run out until next year? 

Service will continue as normal on the existing scheme through Gallagher Heath on 0800 731 7431 until your policy expires. Please check your existing policy documentation for contact details.

What if I have to make a claim on my current policy?

Claims will continue to be dealt with as normal on the existing scheme through Gallagher Heath until your policy expires. Please check your existing policy documentation for contact details or call 0800 731 7431 and one of the team will be happy to help.

What happens when my current annual policy runs out? 

You will receive a letter in due course from Gallagher Heath explaining that they are no longer the providers and giving you relevant details for how you can renew your policy withInsure my diabetes, which is a trading name of AllClear Insurance Services.

I bought a single trip policy earlier this year. Can I buy another one for my next holiday? 

Yes, this will be on the new scheme but the cover benefits are very similar in most areas and wider in certain others.  Please go to,ukor call 0808 168 8711.

How does the price guarantee work? 

Customers will not be charged any extra as a result of their contribution from the policy premium to the charity. This means an insurance quotation through Insuremydiabeteswill be the same price as if someone goes direct to AllClear to buy an equivalent policy directly.

Why is AllClear making a higher contribution to Diabetes UK for online sales? 

Buying a policy online via the website is a win win for our supporters and for us. They get up to 10% discount off the policy whilst Diabetes UK receives a contribution of up to 20% of the premium at no additional cost to customers. We receive a higher contribution from online sales simply because the administrative costs for AllClear are lower..

What does it mean that I can get 'up to 10%' off my online policy? 

For online premiums below £875.91 (Gold Plus cover level) and £942.41 (Gold cover level), your quoted travel insurance premium will have the full 10% online discount applied. For quoted premiums above £875.91 (Gold Pluis cover level) and £942.41 (Gold cover level), your online price will always be cheaper than the offline equivalent but the actual discount will be less than 10%.

Where does AllClear’s contribution to Diabetes UK go from sales of this insurance policy?

It is used to support all of the valuable help and services for people with diabetes. And, to fund research projects. A proportion of the funds received by Diabetes UK from AllClear may be used for developing and marketing our relationship with AllClear and the services it offers to our supporters.

Why does the premium for my new policy differ from my last one under the old scheme?

As with all insurance products, premiums can vary depending on an individual’s current medical circumstances. AllClear’s approach to pricing slightly differs from the old scheme, so some people’s premiums may go up while others will come down. Our analysis was thorough before choosing AllClear and we are confident it offers comprehensive cover and service suited to our members and supporters.

Can I insure for my cruise later this year? 

Yes, absolutely, AllClear provides a specialist two-tier cruise travel insurance product. Please go,ukor call 0808 168 8711.

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