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Diabetes and your rights

Sometimes it can be difficult to get your voice heard. And when it’s about an issue connected to diabetes, it can be really worrying.

That’s where we come in. We're here for all people with diabetes, their family, friends and carers to help with issues connected to diabetes. We give you the information and support you need to make sure you know your rights, understand your options and help you get your voice heard.

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"I knew that withdrawing my licence was unjust, but taking on a large organisation, it feels like it’s just you against the big guys. Having Diabetes­ UK’s help, and knowing they were on my side, made all the difference."

Martin Fisher


How we help

We help people with diabetes on a wide range of issues in connection with their diabetes. We also help friends, family and carers acting on behalf of people with diabetes.

If you have a question about your rights or think that you’ve been treated unfairly, we can help. Some examples of how we do this are:

  • Helping you to get your driving licence back.
  • Writing to your employer about your rights at work.
  • Talking through your options if you’ve had your diabetes equipment or treatment taken away on a night out.
  • Helping your child with Type 1 diabetes and their rights at school.

More information

You can download more detailed information on a range of different topics, which explain your rights and the options available:

We are not able to offer

  • Legal advice or legal advocacy.
  • Accompanying you to meetings.
  • Detailed benefit advice.
  • Specific medical advice relating to your diabetes.

But we will refer you on to the relevant agencies that can help.

If you'd rather send us a letter, you can write to us:

Wells Lawrence House, 126 Back Church Lane, London E1 1FH

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