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Know Type 1: Know the signs and symptoms


Know Type 1

Too many children and young people aren’t diagnosed with type 1 diabetes until they are in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a life-threatening condition that requires urgent medical attention.

But by spotting the symptoms of diabetes early and having an immediate blood glucose finger prick test this can be avoided. The test takes less than a minute and could save a life. If the result suggests type 1 diabetes then the child’s GP should refer them the same day to their local specialist pediatric team so that they can get the immediate treatment they need to prevent the potentially fatal DKA.

Our Mission

We want to live in a world where diabetes can do no harm. But, we know that late diagnosis of type 1 diabetes can be harmful. That’s why we have launched our Know Type 1 campaign, to raise awareness of the ways that we can help make sure that children and young people are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes before they become seriously ill.




How will we achieve our mission?

The Know Type 1 campaign is aiming to raise awareness of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, how to spot them and how to make sure it is diagnosed quickly. They are known as the 4 Ts:

  • Toilet – Going to the toilet a lot, bed wetting by a previously dry child or heavier nappies in babies.
  • Thirsty – Being really thirsty and not being able to quench the thirst.
  • Tired – Feeling more tired than usual.
  • Thinner – Losing weight or looking thinner than usual.

Type 1 diabetes isn’t currently preventable and nobody knows what causes it but the signs and symptoms can develop very quickly.

We will be raising awareness with the public and healthcare professionals of the importance of knowing the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, knowing what to do if you spot the symptoms and knowing what should happen if type 1 diabetes is suspected.

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