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Diabetes Week - for professionals

Monday 11 June to Sunday 17 June 2018

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Diabetes Week takes place in June every year. It’s a time when people come together to share their stories and to raise awareness of diabetes. 

We know that talking about diabetes can sometimes be difficult. Some topics are tricky to bring up, for both healthcare professionals and people with diabetes. 

Especially when it’s about the complications of diabetes, from sight loss to foot problems and amputation. Or sensitive topics such as mental health or sexual health

This Diabetes Week, we want to make it easier for you to have those conversations, so we have collected these top tips from both healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes. 

Top tips for having better conversations with your patients


  • Language matters.

Diabetes is complicated. And those living with it can feel isolated and overwhelmed. The language you use can go a long way towards motivating a person with diabetes to manage their condition well and feel supported. For reference, take a look at NHS England Language Matters: Language and Diabetes

  • Be frank.

Some things are hard to talk about and that’s fine. Just be frank and use clear, simple language. It’ll help both you and your patient feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

  • Making the time.

Sometimes there’s a lot to talk about in an appointment, and you might need more time. You could suggest booking a double appointment next time or highlight other ways to get in touch, such as email. Don’t forget about our helpline that’s there to offer support as well. 

  • Making patients comfortable.

We understand clinics are busy and colleagues may need to ask questions when you’re in a consultation. Try putting a simple sign on your door that reads ‘busy’ to help reduce the number of interruptions. 

  • Your patient is more than just a number.

By understanding their day-to-day lives you can help them manage their diabetes better. A simple question about their favourite hobby or weekend plans can often build rapport and make a huge difference. 

  • Information Prescriptions.

Use our Information Prescriptions to talk to your patients about diabetes and create a care plan. You’ll give them the knowledge they need to manage their condition and some actions to work towards.


Download top tips (PDF, 65 KB)

Get involved in 2018

There are lots of ways to support Diabetes Week. 

  • Join the conversation on social media. Share your tips and don’t forget to use the hashtags #diabetesweek #talkaboutdiabetes
  • Hear from our supporters online – they’ll be sharing their stories of living with diabetes throughout the week. 
  • Order information and resources from our online shop.
  • Fundraise throughout the week
  • Download our editable diabetes week poster, which you can customise to promote your own event.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about Diabetes Week, contact us at

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