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Study suggests an enzyme could 'switch off' Type 2 diabetes

A study has found that an enzyme called “Rheb” which controls protein production may play an important role in diabetes.

Professor Srinivasa Subramaniam, lead author of the study, said: “We found Rheb acts like the gas pedal in a car. It can either increase fundamental processes or decrease them. We think that Rheb may act like a switch in some disease states – helping to turn them off and on.”

Rheb is an enzyme that is involved in signalling pathways where “Interplay between the stimulatory and inhibitory roles of Rheb may enable cells to modulate protein synthesis in response to varying environmental stresses.”

Scientists say Rheb acts “like a switch” for key cell ­signals that might contribute to age-related conditions like Type 2 diabetes. The finding could be crucial in developing new ways to combat it.

Dr Richard Elliott, of ­Diabetes UK, said: “This work is still at an early stage.

“But as our understanding of these signals improves, researchers can start to look for new ways to target them that could translate into new and better medications.”

Source:Science Direct

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