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Advice for people with diabetes and their families

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General guidelines for research grant applicants

Financial support


Diabetes UK will pay salaries based on the scales in operation at the institution in which the research will take place. Applicants should consult the appropriate administrative authority at their institution to determine the salaries to be requested. Applicants for clinical fellowships should refer to the specific guidelines on salaries for that scheme.

Costs for National Insurance contributions and any superannuation should be added to salary costs at the point of application.

Known salary increments may be included on the application form but National Pay Awards may not. If the application is awarded institutes may invoice for the pay awards at the end of each year.

Diabetes UK will not fund on a cost recovery basis and is therefore unwilling to meet the salary costs of staff currently funded by the Higher Education Funding Council, NHS or equivalent. If you are unsure whether a specific salary is allowable on a Diabetes UK application, please contact the office in the first instance.

Research costs

All requests should be fully justified in any application to Diabetes UK.

Diabetes UK do not cover the costs from the list below.

  • Research work not specified at the time of application
  • Retrospective funding for work already completed
  • 'Top-up' funds for current research projects
  • Overspending on current grants
  • Publication costs and public relations costs
  • Advertising
  • Stationery
  • Secretarial work
  • Travel*
  • Attendance at conferences**
  • Indirect costs, as specified by the Research Councils
  • Overheads of any description
  • Maintenance costs or access charges (eg building maintenance)
  • Staff development (eg training of staff)
  • Staff facilities
  • Financial services (eg accounting, auditing)
  • Routine care for patients
  • Databases (unless specifically required for the research project).

Inflation may not be included on research costs.

*If travel is an integral part of the research programme, financial provision should be sought at the point of application, otherwise support will not be provided.

**These restrictions apply only to researchers submitting an application to the Project grant or Early-career small grant schemes.

Diabetes UK endorses the key principles set out in the AMRC statement on supporting research in universities.

Clinical research costs for research taking place in the NHS

Applications that include NHS resources should be aware of the new AcoRD guidelines. As an AMRC member charity, Diabetes UK would expect any research costs identified as ‘Part B’ (e.g. local study trial co-ordination or data collection) for work that is carried out by existing staff employed by the NHS, NIHR Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) or other clinical organisations to be paid by the Department of Health through local networks or the appropriate NHS trust. As a member of the AMRC, Diabetes UK will not meet these costs.

Diabetes UK encourages applicants to talk to their NHS R&D department and local network as they design their study, to ensure all costs are correctly attributed, and studies are designed to make effective use of research support staff. Please refer to our guidance on costing clinical studies that take place in the NHS for further details.

Concurrent applications to other funding bodies

Applicants can apply for funding for the same research proposal from other funding bodies concurrently with Diabetes UK applications but Diabetes UK must be informed of this at the time of application to Diabetes UK, where possible, or at the point of application to another funding body.

Failure to do so may result in an application being rejected or funding being withdrawn. If the application to another funding body is recommended for award Diabetes UK must be informed immediately.


Principal Applicants must hold an established NHS, academic or research post and be in receipt of a salary for the duration of the award. Grants must be administered by an established research institution in the UK.

Applicants must be able to sign up to the Diabetes UK Grant Conditions at the time of making an application.

Deadlines and how to apply

Applicants are advised to refer to the specific scheme guidelines for deadlines and details of how to apply.

All applications must be with the Diabetes UK Research Department by 5pm on the day of the deadline. Late applications will not be considered.

Administrative processes

Receipt of application

On receipt of an application the Diabetes UK Research department will send email confirmation of receipt to the Principal Applicant. If this email is not received within one week of the closing date, please contact the Research department at

Revision process

To ensure that applications are as complete as possible, members of the Diabetes UK Research department may contact the Principal Applicant to request further information or clarification.

Applicants should refer to the specific scheme guidelines for further details of the administrative processes for each scheme.

Assessment criteria

Applicants should refer to the specific scheme guidelines for assessment criteria.

Grant Conditions

Applicants and institutes (Head of Department) must confirm on application that they have read and accept the Diabetes UK standard Grant Conditions on behalf of the host institution and that, if granted, the work will be accommodated and administered in the institution in accordance with the Grant Conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights

Details of Diabetes UK’s intellectual property rights position, including background and foreground intellectual property and commercialisation of research results, can found in part 10 of the standard Diabetes UK Grant Conditions.

These state that the institution shall accept the standard revenue and equity-sharing terms of Diabetes UK.

These are detailed in the Intellectual Property and revenue-sharing agreement (see Downloads).

Contact us if you have a query

If you have any questions or queries about the standard Diabetes UK Grant Conditions or standard revenue and equity-sharing terms please contact the Diabetes UK Research department at

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