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Patient and public involvement (PPI) in your study

Diabetes UK works hard to ensure that the day-to-day experiences and insights of people living with diabetes are taken into consideration throughout research funding and implementation. We believe that involving people affected by diabetes in the development of grant applications produces higher quality, more relevant research, which is more likely to receive funding.

That is why Diabetes UK, alongside other major funders, is asking for evidence of Patient and Public Involvement in the planning, design, implementation, management and dissemination of the research it funds.

How do I involve people with diabetes in my proposal development?

It can be difficult to know how and when you can involve people affected by diabetes in your research, so we've compiled a guidance document for PPI in research.

It has been developed for diabetes researchers, but can be applicable to all researchers applying for grant funding.

Download our, which covers:

  • What is Patient and Public Involvement and why is it important?
  • Methods of involvement, in both clinical and basic research
  • How to do PPI well
  • Helpful resources 

How can Diabetes UK help?

If you're looking for participants, advisers or user-input for your research project, we may be able to advertise these opportunities to people living with diabetes. 

Requests should be made as early as possible in your application process in order for them to be considered.

If you would like people living with diabetes to become involved in your research, either as a participant or to inform your work, please contact the Diabetes UK Research

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

We can support you to involve people with diabetes in your research in a meaningful and timely way by:

  • Advertising your PPI request in our Involvement Network e-newsletter;
  • Putting you in contact with our local groups across the UK.

Participant recruitment 

This could be done through our website, publications or Involvement Network to find the right participants to help your research have the greatest potential benefit for people living with diabetes.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of requests for help we receive, we can no longer assist Masters students with recruitment to their research projects.

For a sample of the type of recruitment opportunities we currently list online, please seeTake part in research.

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