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Have your say in diabetes research

Lots of exciting research projects sit at the heart of Diabetes UK's mission to transform the care and prevention of all forms of diabetes, on our journey to finding a cure.

When deciding on which diabetes research projects to fund, we need to listen to people who experience the condition every day, as well as their carers and healthcare professionals. It's a vital way to steer the direction of future research.

Finding top priorities

A Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) is a way of establishing the 'Top 10' questions about a condition that people living with it, carers, family members and healthcare teams most want answers to – answers that could be found through future research.

Highlighting the Top 10 unanswered questions about a condition is also a way of directing research to where it's needed most.

Find out about the Priority Setting Partnerships for diabetes by following the links below.


Type 1 diabetes Priority Setting Partnership

The Top 10 priorites for Type 1 diabetes were published in 2011. The Top 10 priorites for Type 1 diabetes were published in 2011.

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Type 2 diabetes Priority Setting Partnership

We're currently searching for the Top 10 priorities for Type 2 diabetes.

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