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22 September 2020
New research from the team behind the DiRECT trial presented at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes Annual Meeting reveals how the pancreas regains lost size and shape when type 2 diabetes is put into remission through a low-calorie, weight management pro
20 August 2020

News reports this week have suggested a potential link between coronavirus (Covid-19) and an increase in new cases of type 1 diabetes in children.

This came from new research, published in Diabetes Care, which looked at the number of children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in five hospitals in North West London during the coronavirus p

13 August 2020

An economic study has shown that the DiRECT programme that can put type 2 diabetes in remission for some people could result in huge savings for the NHS.

In 2017, the first results from our DiRECT study revealed that through a low-calorie weight loss programme, it was possible for some people to go into remission from type 2 di

07 August 2020

Our scientists have developed an enhanced prediction tool to find children at high risk of type 1 diabetes years before they’re diagnosed.

Building on genetic risk
07 August 2020

Our scientists have discovered a marker in the immune system that can be used to predict which people with type 1 diabetes will benefit from an immunotherapy drug, unlocking its use to help stop the condition in its tracks.

Our researcher Professor Lucy Walker studied blood samples from people with type 1 diabetes who had taken part in a trial of an

24 July 2020

Getting the right care, at the right time, is vital to helping people avoid the complications of diabetes and live long, healthy lives.

RELIEF from DKA with flash glucose monitoring
17 July 2020

We know that the best way to reduce your risk of type 2 or gestational diabetes is to eat well and move more.

22 years of type 2 prevention
10 July 2020

This year's American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions were packed with research updates on interventions and insights to help people live well with their diabetes, and have the confidence to manage it.

Digging into diabetes distress
03 July 2020

We’re continuing our roundup of the biggest research news from the biggest gathering of diabetes scientists.

What’s the best way to get there?
07 September 2020

Updated 7 September: Following our rapid research funding call in April, we are delighted to announce, in partnership with JDRF, Moorfields Eye Charity and Fight for Sight, a combined commitment of £400,198 to support five new research projects.

The coronavirus pandemic represents an unprecedented challenge to all of us.

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