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20 January 2021

Our scientists have found a better way of transplanting islet cells, paving the way for wider use of this treatment.

Islet transplants are used to help people with type 1 diabetes who have very severe

22 December 2020

2020 probably isn’t a year many of us will look back over fondly, but this year has truly highlighted the power of science and the incredible, life-saving breakthroughs it can bring.

Despite the challenges this year has brought, Diabetes UK-funded scientists and diabetes researchers across the globe have been making some incredible things happen. Here’s a look back at some of 2020’s research highlights.

14 December 2020

There are some early clues to suggest that coronavirus might be triggering type 1 or type 2 diabetes in some people, or making the condition worse for others. We take a look at the evidence and explain why it’s too early to know for sure yet.

14 December 2020

Although we don’t yet fully understand why people with diabetes are more likely to become seriously ill with coronavirus, we take a look at some of the theories about inflammation, damaged blood vessels and ACE-2 receptors to find out more.

14 December 2020

From getting the coronavirus vaccine to exploring the research on vitamin D supplements, we look at what people with diabetes can do to reduce their risk of becoming seriously ill from coronavirus.

14 December 2020

While having diabetes does add to your risk of getting seriously ill or dying from coronavirus, we explain how to understand this risk and why everyone’s risk is unique to them.   

14 December 2020

Although diabetes can affect how well your immune system works, there’s no evidence to suggest you’re more likely to catch coronavirus if you have the condition.

23 November 2020

This year’s virtual European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) conference brought together thousands of researchers to share their latest discoveries and knowledge.

We've shared EASD highlights before on the latest research that will help people with diabetes live better and more confident lives. This includes

23 November 2020

People living with diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease but new research, funded by us, has reinforced that there are things you can do to avoid complications, and suggests that acting early is vital.

Heart disease can lead to heart attacks and strokes. This is also known as cardiovascular disease.

17 November 2020

Hundreds of people living with diabetes, their families and healthcare professionals have chosen their most important research priorities for diabetes in pregnancy.

Around 38,000 women who give birth in the UK each year have some form of diabetes. While many women have healthy babies, we know that diabetes can increase the risk of complications for the mother and baby – both during pregnancy and later in life.

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