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Diabetes UK to invest £1.8 million in new research projects

27 February 2017

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve committed to invest over £1.8 million in diabetes research, funding 17 new projects.

Six new projects

We support high quality diabetes research projects for up to five years. In the latest round, we agreed to fund six new projects taking place around the UK.

Scientists will be looking at possible ways to prevent Type 2 diabetes, potential causes of Type 1 diabetes, how to prevent complications and how we can make sure that babies born to mothers who have diabetes during pregnancy are healthy.


Dr Jenny Myerswill be developing a more accurate way to monitor a baby’s growth during pregnancy, so that any changes can be found earlier on. In the future, this method could help to prevent complications during pregnancy and improve the long-term health of the babies.

Professor Noel Morganbelieves that the immune attack that happens in Type 1 diabetes may not be the same in everyone. He plans to find out how immune cells interact with each other to coordinate the attack against insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. This project will help us to understand how and why Type 1 diabetes develops, so that new treatments to stop it can emerge.

Dr Jonathan Barlowwill be investigating the relationship between exercise and Type 2 diabetes. He would like to understand exactly why exercise is beneficial for people with Type 2 diabetes and how we can use this information to develop better treatments in the future.

Testing ideas

We also provide small pots of funding for early-career scientists. This enables researchers to test their ideas for a year before going on to secure more funding. We’ve committed to fund five of these projects.

Ideas range from understanding exactlywhy exercise is good for people with Type 2 diabetes, to finding ways tokeep kidney cells communicatingwith each other. You can read about these new projects, together with current research projects, on ourresearch projects page.

PhD studentships

We’re investing over £500,000 in the future of diabetes research. This money will support six PhD studentships, allowing students to continue training in diabetes research.

The new students will be looking at ways to prevent vision loss, investigating whether self-management therapies could treat chronic pain in diabetes, trying to understand the immune attack in Type 1 diabetes, and more.

Thank you

We’re only able to invest in world-class diabetes research because of your commitment and support. Thank you for helping us improve the lives of people with diabetes.

We’re holding the Diabetes UK Professional Conference in Manchester on 8-10 March this year. Professor Noel Morgan, who was just awarded research funding, will be delivering the prestigious Dorothy Hodgkin Named Lecture. Diabetes UK Professional ConferenceDorothy Hodgkin Named Lecture

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