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Meet our researcher: Jessica, PhD Student

This is Jessica. She’s a PhD student at the University of Glasgow.

Thanks to funding from Diabetes UK, she’s investigating the exact roles of different molecules, called SNAREs, in instructing fat and muscle cells to take in excess glucose (sugar). This is the first time such studies have been performed in fat cells, and therefore will reveal important new information.

Jessica, and Dr Hovorka

As a PhD student, Jessica is only just starting her journey into the world of diabetes research. Diabetes UK funds more than 20 Jessicas – our researchers of the future.

Jessica is holding a picture of Dr Roman Hovorka.

One day she and our other PhD students could lead pioneering research projects, funded by Diabetes UK, like Dr Hovorka does.

He’s generating a prototype of an 'artificial pancreas' system, using a continuous glucose monitor and an insulin pump, which could bring huge benefits to people living with diabetes.

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