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Walking for Wellness - Skids' story

Skids' story

Skids Bradshaw

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes aged 46 and raising awareness

I try to deal with things as they happen, which has stood me in good stead so far.

Skids is one of our amazing fundraisers who is going to be walking 10 miles in one day as part of My Wellness Walk. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes aged 46, here he tells us more about how he copes with diabetes.



Journey with diabetes

A not-so shock diagnosis

It wasn't a surprise when I received the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. I knew it was coming to be honest, as the condition was already present in my family. My diet and nutrition regime was poor and I was experiencing the classic symptoms at the time; always thirsty and subsequently always going to the toilet. I knew my time had come.

I was shocked but not surprised when I was first diagnosed diabetes.  I tried not to let the condition affect me in my day-to-day life by taking the required drugs at the time, and more importantly changing my exercise and nutrition regime. Doing the latter means that now I don't take any drugs which I am very happy and positive about.

I came to terms with the condition from day one. I started to make the necessary changes and tried not to let it affect or define me. I feel I have things under control and plan to do so for a long time to come. The best advice I could give other people is to follow the advice given, make the necessary changes, read up on the condition and more importantly, don't let it take over your life.

These days my eating habits are pretty good. I eat lots of protein like chicken, steak, fish, as well as vegetables, berries, yoghurt and lots of water! Prior to my diagnosis I ate lots of processed meats, fast food, sugary drinks and sweets. My current habits are a great help in managing the condition and well as being better for me and I even have room for the occasional sweet treat.

Life with diabetes is what it is. I listened to the advice and instructions I was given, made the changes and am now reaping the benefits. I was lucky that for me, type 2 was mainly about changing my lifestyle which I was able to and continue to do.

So far I haven't really experienced any health complications and it doesn't really worry me at all. I try to deal with things as they happen, which has stood me in good stead so far. I'm not taking any medications at the moment as my exercise and nutrition regime are helping me manage my diabetes well.

I was a regular gym goer before lockdown and also did Zumba and karate. But for now, it's walking until I can get back into a proper routine.



Walking to raise money

Before signing up for My Wellness Walk I hadn’t been involved in fundraising for Diabetes UK but I am interested in raising money for a cause close to me and to heighten awareness among friends and family about diabetes and what can be done to deal with it. If all goes well I would definitely be up for more events in the future! I haven't been involved with Diabetes UK before now but will be looking to do more in the future with the charity as a source of help and advice if needed.

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