Diabetes UK and me

We’re here to support everyone affected by diabetes. Whether that’s through our online community, our wealth of online information, or the fundraising events we run — we are continuing to fight for a world where diabetes can do no harm.

Christine's story

ChristineDiagnosed with type 1 in 1971

Finding support from the diabetes community 

One of my brothers also has type 1 diabetes, so I feel that I can share most of my diabetes issues with him. I'm the Secretary on the Chelmsford Diabetes Group, which has allowed me to learn so much more about diabetes - some of it scary, but some of it inspirational.  

I’ve met so many people that share the same condition. All of this makes you realise you’re not alone. This day and age you can join online communities, and get instant feedback if you have a diabetes-related question you need answering.  

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AndieJanuary 2021

Finding Learning Zone

When I was searching for support online, I found Diabetes UK's Learning Zone. I’ll admit that I did start out with a bit of a jaded mindset - I thought I was just going to be told to have tiny portion sizes, stop eating everything I love and feel miserable. But once I’d signed up to Learning Zone and taken the health MOT I realised:  'this is just what I need'.

When you’re diagnosed with diabetes you get a blood glucose monitor, and you’ll be given lots of information from the experts. But you don’t necessarily remember off the top of your head what your blood sugars should be before you eat, or exactly what food you need to eat to correlate with your blood sugars, in day to day life.

Learning Zone for me is about helping me to understand what changes in my blood sugars mean, noticing patterns, and knowing what’s going to help me manage my diabetes best.

I’ve learnt that I don’t have to stop having the things I love, there are just healthier ways of keeping them in my life! 

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Diagnosed with type 2 after having gestational diabetes

How Diabetes UK supports me

Organisations like Diabetes UK are very important. Sharing my experience with other people has been really helpful. I think it’s great if I can help somebody else go through what I've been through without stressing about it. 

The information that Diabetes UK shares is amazing and I found out so much from reading the information on the website. It's been really, really helpful for me to get my head clearer about what I'm going through and realise there are other people that are feeling the same way. I'm not the only one going through that experience. 

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Jamie smiling as he takes on his UK Wide Cycle Ride challenge

Jamie Cycling in memory of his dad

Remembering my dad

My dad was diagnosed with late onset type 1 diabetes when he was 34, so the age I am now. My family more generally have quite a lot of thyroid-related issues too, so diabetes is sort of all around me.

Dad sadly passed away after getting cancer about 11 years ago now, so I took on UK Wide Cycle Ride in his memory. I know he got a lot of help from Diabetes UK when he was trying to get to grips with his diabetes, so it seemed like a really good way to give back and support the charity that had helped him so much.

And more personally -  I was coming to the end of a substantial diet where I had lost about four and a half stone, so this challenge was a great way to get me into regular exercise. Completing it felt great, and I actually went a little bit further than planned as I had said that if I hit over £500 when fundraising, I would aim for 250 miles instead of 220!

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Tara Lawrence

Tara LawrenceDiagnosed with MODY 3 diabetes 10 years ago

Support from Diabetes UK

I've definitely received a lot of social support from Diabetes UK in the last year. They’ve been there through the whole pandemic to make sure that we’re able to communicate with people we’re not able to see anymore. I didn’t specifically look for support, but it was nice to know that they were always there on the phone or online if I ever did need them.

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