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Right across the UK we campaign to fight diabetes. We campaign alongside those with or at risk of diabetes.We fight for better care for the millions of people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and to prevent the rise of Type 2.   

  • Taking Control

    It’s important everyone can know more about their diabetes. But not everyone has access to diabetes education to give them the knowledge and confidence to manage their diabetes well. The Taking Control campaign aims to change this. 

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  • Type 1 Diabetes: Make the Grade

    Too many children with Type 1 diabetes aren’t getting the proper care they need at school. This isn’t good enough. Together we can help schools, the Government and healthcare professionals make the grade.

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  • Putting Feet First

    With record numbers of devastating amputations our campaign is fighting to improve care and reduce the number of people with diabetes suffering preventable amputations. 

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  • Testing Times

    1 in 4 people have faced restrictions to test strips. This is dangerous and unnacceptable. We want to help people know their rights and challenge the restrictions. 

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  • 15 Healthcare Essentials

    The 15 healthcare essentials are the 15 basic health checks and services that everyone with diabetes – whether Type 1 or Type 2 – should receive from their healthcare team.

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  • Type 1 Essentials

    The Type 1 Essentials help parents to understand what good care looks like, and lets them know what to do if their child isn't getting the care they're entitled to.

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  • 4 Ts

    The 4 Ts campaign aims to raise awareness of the four main symptoms of Type 1 diabetes: Toilet, Thirsty, Tired, Thinner.

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  • Flash Make it happen

    Diabetes UK wants to see flash glucose monitoring on the NHS in England and Wales. So that everyone who can benefit can get access to it. 

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Want to help improve the lives of people with diabetes? 

Diabetes Voices are people who help us fight diabetes. Do you want to help us prevent Type 2 diabetes, campaign to stop complications like amputations, and fight so more people can understand and know their diabetes? Join us and thousands of others today to create positive change for people with and at risk of diabetes. 

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