Family favourites

Your suppertime sorted

As winter approaches, those crafty cravings are bound to start creeping in, and nothing satisfies a comfort food calling quite like a hearty, wholesome classic.


Puddings and pies have frequented our menus since medieval times, and with our famously precarious weather, it's no wonder we're the kings when it comes to combatting the cold.


We've collected a sample of our favourite dishes, from starters and light bites to hearty mains and warming puds.

A revival of the classics

In recent years, the resurgence of the good old gastro pub has authentic cooking back in fashion, and with The Great British Menu and 'Bake Off back on the box, attention has turned to our diverse gastric traditions and rich history of eats.

So, dig out those family recipes and serve up a slice of nostalgia. Put our history on a plate with these timeless and tasty tutorials. We always love to hear what you think of our recipes - if you find one you like, please get in touch.

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Sumptuous snacks

Whether you're curled up in front of the tv on a chilly evening, or need a quick pick to help thaw those fingers, our small, but sustaining snacks will tick the right boxes.

Salmon fishcakes

Salmon tastes delicious in these herby, crispy fishcakes. Serve with fresh veg and grains.

Beef and barley soup

More than a soup - this is a hearty meal for wintry days, all cooked in one pan.

Mighty mains

Keeping your family fed and fulfilled through 'til the end of the year can be as easy as pie with our selection of winter warmers. Rustle up a hearty casserole, huddle round the bonfire with some bangers 'n' mash, or while away the frosty weather with our one-pot wonders.

Fish pie

Lower in fat and salt than traditional fish pies, with a delightful smoky flavour.

Chicken in a pot

A low-fat, meaty dish which is deliciously tender and warming. Works well with pork loin or turkey breast.

Punchy puddings

As a nation, we're no stranger to the power of the pud. Stay warm indoors with our selection of sweet treats. Fight the frost with our rhubarb fool or try our traditional rice pudding (with a twist).

Rhubarb fool

A pudding of stewed rhubarb, sweetened with artificial sweetener folder into low-fat yogurt and creme fraiche.

Coconut rice pudding

A lower-fat version of rice pudding, using fragrant basmati rice and a touch of vanilla.

Apple Charlotte

A healthy version of this classic, combining fragrant apples and bread to form a comforting dessert.