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There's lots of info here and you don't have to take it all in at once. But you and Mum and Dad can keep coming back for all the info you need.

Your comments

"I have an insulin pump so it's a bit easier to handle my diabetes."– Rosie

"I got Type 1 diabetes at the age of 5 years old, and I'm 8 years old. It's amazing how time goes quickly and you forget you have even got it!"– Olivia

"I've been diabetic for four years, and I was scared at first but I just want to say that to anyone who has just found out, it does get better! Even if you get really annoyed at your mum or dad they are trying to help even if it doesn't seem like it at the time. Hope it helped."– Erin

"I've had Type 1 diabetes for 9 months and this page has helped me to become the person I was before I became diabetic."– Cara

"Hello, My name is Isaac. I'm 6 years old and I developed diabetes 7 weeks ago, just before my 6th birthday. I'm still getting used to having my injections but have been really brave and even got a certificate. I also have a buzzy to make my injections hurt less. You can choose either a black bug, a ladybird or a bee, but I chose the ladybird."– Isaac

"Hi I'm Charlotte and I have diabetes and I got it when I just turned two and now I'm 11, nearly 12. My dad had it and my auntie and nan got it – even my Nan's cat Ginger has diabetes. I'm happy most of the time, but when I'm ill I can be down.My parents say they are very proud of me because I deal with my diabetes and I try my hardest to keep it in range."– Charlotte

"Well organised and straight forward, well explained and good information. Good direction for both parent and patients."– Emelia

hello i am yasmine and i was diagnosed with diabetes in is 2014 now and i will be turning 11 soon.not long after my 5th birthday my mum noticed the 4 ts and took me to hospital. i was really scared at the time because i was only 5.the doctor said to my mum that if i stayed at home for one more day i would not be here right now. i was put in intensive care for 1 day. i had to stay in hospital for 5 whole first i was scared to have injections every day, but i soon got used to it.i am managing diabetes well and it will not stop me doing what i want to do.thanks for reading.– Yasmine

"I'm Daijah... And having diabetes isn't so horrible after all. I mean at first you are scared but 2 weeks later or more.. You get used to it sorta. When I found out I had diabetes, I sat on my bathroom floor, crying for hours! I didn't know what to do. I cried and cried and cried. You just have to pick your self back. Up. Diabetes didn't stop me from being me. Sure I was moody and sad and all that, but I remembered my dad also had this and dealt with it pretty well. So don't cry.. Its not the end of the world. Thanks for reading, hope it helped."– Daijah

"My son is five-years-old, he loved the game and the jokes. He's a bit young to appreciate the comments by other children, but he reads well and seemed to understand there are other people like him on here.I like the colour scheme and lay out. It's easy to navigate around, even for a five-year-old!"– Kirsty

"I really like the good to eat section on me and my diabetes as I was struggling with snacks and what is good to eat . It also told me about the clinic which was fab."– Georgia

"My great uncle recently died and he had diabetes, he always said about me,"he's a brave lad". i never saw him, but I've got a picture of him though.

I got diabetes on the 7th of October when I was 8. Now I am 12. It is amazingly easy to handle with except all the injections and othe medical care get in the way."– Wesley"I think it is really good. It has loads of fun activities. I am really glad that that it is there and my mum and dad can go on it too!"– Evie

"Many people think of me as lucky for having diabetes, because I always get extra sports snacks and hypo treatments. For me it made a big difference. But like many other people I can still do a lot of sport.On Saturday, I play football.On Tuesday, I go to PE.On Wednesday, I do PE.On the weekend, I go to the skatepark.Life is not much better with diabetes, but it is not much worse.Thank you for reading."– Alex

"I think it is really helpful because when I was first diagnosed I didn't really know much about diabetes and other people who had it. But the hospital I went to recommended Diabetes UK so I went on it and immediatly saw that I would learn lots and lots and also that it was obviously children friendly. I absolutely love this website and go on it as much as I can!"–Molly"Brilliant I'm sort of calmed down about my diabetes because of this site"– Grace

"I well diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes but was actually Type 1 all along! I was diagnosed in Grade one when I was turning 7, it was tuff cause I had to STOP going to tuck shop and not eat any sweets at all my friends parties! But now I'm all grown up and healthy!"– Jordyn

"I don't have diabetes myself, but I have found this site very useful. One of my friends knows quite a lot about diabetes, so I knew some informatiopn about it, but i found it very interesting seeing what other children, who have diabetes, have to say."– Caitlin

"I think its awesome,I've been looking for a site to speak to the same people as me,and get advice how to manage my diabetes!"– Gert

"I love this site it tells me about everything i need to know about diabetes."– Rosie

"It's good, i love this site it makes me fell like it helping me how control my diabetes."– Shantelle

"I like it because its all about diabetes and has useful information for me, my family and friends."– Kira

"I find this website really useful for me to help me learn more about my diabetes."– Gillian

"a fantastic idea to have a nice colourful website for diabetic children"– Nick

"I think, pearsonaly,this site is amazing!!! it has helped me through the tough and good times!!!"– Victoria

"Hey , my name is abbey and i have been diabetic since i was 2 years old when i got diagnosed with type 1 diabeties i was a bit too young to realise what was going on at the time but when it came to getting my first injection then i took the tantrums .......

I am now 13 and coping very well with my diabeties with the help from my mum, dad , my brother and family.

When i was 4 i took a very bad hypo and my big brother who was 10 at the time was the one who heard me taking the hypo because we shared a room at this point and he ran straight into my mums room and told her and i always tell this story because my brother saved my life that night. I think this site is pretty amazing and i think everyone will get help from it in one way or another."– Abbey

"i LOVE THIS SITE! you should carry on doing such a brilliant job! i am 10 and i found this website really useful."– Sarah

"hi my name is Elle. i was diagnosed with diabetes last year in July i was in school and i could not breath because i had a pain in my chest i got rushed to hospital in an ambulance because my bloods where high they where 15.6 and my mum know that was not right because she has tipe 1 diabetes i went to the hospital and they told me to come back on Monday so we did my bloods over the weekend and they where high we went back on Monday and they said i have diabetes i cried a little then i was ok my bloods are still runnig high but it is ok i have type 1 i have insulin 2 times a day it hurts a lot but i get on with it (thanks for reading)."– Ellexx

"Hi i'm Molly and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on the 1/4/11. My mum took me to the doctors were they sent me to Lister hospital in stevenage were we found out I had diabetes. I was really scared at the time but now I am getting used to my diabetes. When in hospital, my best freind saffron came and visited me but due to the fact that only family were allowed she was my Crazy cousin!!!

I was in hospital for three days, it was so boring. I now do my own injections which I do twice a day. Lifes hard with diabetes but I am adapting to it. Thanks for reading"– Mollyxxx

"Hi I'm Melissa and I am 8 years old.

"I was diagnosed with type one diabetes on the 4/5/11. I found out that I had diabetes by my mum taking me to the clinic. The doctor there asked if I had diabetes and at the time we didn't know so I said no so he tested my blood sugar and it was 28.7. He said we had to go straight to hospital, so we did. We stayed in hospital for three days, and I was sooo bored! I have Insulin twice a day at the moment, and do my blood glucose test 4 times a day, before meals. I can do my Insulin injections myself now, and its only 25/5/11. I find it quite easy, and I was scared at first, but I'm getting used to it now, because I know lots of other people have been through the same as me. My blood glucose levels are not quite right yet, but at least I'm not having as many Hypo's as I was. I now know what they feel like, and can tell when I'm going to have one. Diabetes isn't going to stop me doing anything I want to do.

"I think this website is great, and gives a lot of information, tips, and other people's experiences which I find especially helpful.

"Thanx for reading xx"– Melissa

"I am Alison and i was diagnosed with type 1 on 4/5/11. My parents notice i was getting thirsty and having to use the toilet more often. My teachers were not letting me go to the toilet so my mum sent in a note saying i was having a toilet problem. After school that day my mum took me to the docters , they checked my blood and looked for keatones in my wee (witch made me feel really embaressed!)

"They said my blood sugar was 29.9. So the docter said that we had to go to the hospital that made me really scared and i did't know what to expect. I thought they were saying that I was going to "die of bieties. I was going to stay there over night but then they chose for me to go home because of some trial that they were doing (to see if people got along better at home instead of in the hospital) Now i have to have 4 injections a day. Yesterday (13/5/11) I had a hypo in school and got to sit in the office chair and have snacks! thx 4 reading!)

"I've had diabetes since last January and it is easy . My dad had realised that I had been drinking alot and I was losing weight. He took me to the doctors and I was rushed into hospital. I found it hard to do my glucose reading at first because I was scared but I soon got used to it."– Alison

"I found it very helpful I got to know what it was when my diabetes nurse told me everything and now it is easy."– Katie

"I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on the 23 November 2010. I am 10 and it's not that bad having diabetes, all my friends at school asked why I went into hospital – when I said I had diabetes they didn't have a clue what it was so they couldn't make fun of me! When I have a hypo at school it's good because you can eat sweets in lesson time!"– Zak

"My name is Emily – I am 9 years old and I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in February 2011. Here is my poem:

Lots of people every day,diagnosed in every way.lots of people just like you and some famous too,lots of people every day diagnosed in every way."– Emily

"I had diabetes in August last year when I was 8. I have Type 1 diabetes which means I take injections calledinsulin. I had no idea that i had it because i didn't know the signs but my parents did. They realised that I was drinking and going to the toilet a lot so I used my dad's metre (he has diabetes too!) and the number was 29.9 which was really high so they took me to the docter and he said that i have diabetes i asked him what was not working properly and he said that my pancreas was not producing enough insulin for my body.

"I have had it for a year and i was on two injections a day until i was high at tea time so i went on 3. I am still on three but now my bloods are lower which is good. At parties you are always going to getcake and sweetsbut that is ok because if you have type 1 you can always take an injection, so don't be afraid to have fun and sweets because if you go to a party and someone calls you a name u know that your friends will back you up!

"Sometimes it does hurtto take an injection, but there is a secret distract yourself like make a funny voice like i do or remember something funny that has happend to you or your friends or family! Ok thanks for reading my comment. I hope you enjoyed it."– Erin

"Remember that you can eat the same food as all your friends, and that includes birthday cake. Of course you can indulge in yourfavourite nosh, but it’s a good idea to make a note of what your glucose levels are after you’ve eaten your treats so that you can make the right adjustments to your insulin dose the next time you eat it. Your diary or log book comes in useful for this."– My life

"I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2010 when I was 10. It was coming up to my 11th birthday and now its 2011 its coming up to my 12th birthday and I am moving up to secondary school. I was in hospital with diabetes one week before I went on holiday. I was worried that I might not be able to go to Spain and I was worried that if I did go to spain something migh have happend to me – but in the end I went to spain and I was fine !!!!!!!! :] xxxxxx."– Hannah

"Hi there – I was only diagnosed two weeks ago (24 Novemebr 2010). My injections were hurting, but I was doing them on the day I was diagnosed. I got my readings under control.

"I would like to say that when I was diagnosed I thought my life was over, but in this short two weeks i have learnt not much changes. Yeah you can't eat some stuff and you have the odd hypo but don't let it stop you. The first week was hard but it's now second nature.

"You got it just like me and the others but you know how to control so get out there and enjoy life to the max."– Scott

"I was diagnosed with Type 1 eight months ago with my diabetes and I am perfectly fine doing the injections and all that!"– Maddie

"My name is Casey Taylor. I am 10 – I turnd diabetic on August 3rd 2010. I am on insulin. At first I really didn't like it because my injections were hurting, so I got over it but diabetes isn't so bad after all. But I really miss being allowed to eat some sweets."– Casey

"I am nine-years-old and I have been type1 for a year now. I can't believe that nick jonas is type 1, but it makes me feel that i am not the only one with it and iam a big fan of the jonas brothers. i don't know many people with diebeties."– Bethany

"I think this site is really good for young people with diabetes like me. I have only been diabetic for four months and I think I am doing really well. Some people think that having diabetes isn't cool, but I think it is."– Millie

"hello I am erin and i was diagnosed with diabetes when i was eight in 2009, it is now 2010 and i still have it and i am nine now coming 10 this year .When i first had diabetes the injections where very sore but now have gotten used to them. p.s. i luv this site!!!"– Erin

"Sorry to hear that your injections are hurting – injections can be a pain when you start doing them. Hopefully, they should get less painful as you get more experienced at doing them, and so are more confident and relaxed, but it might be a good idea to speak to your nurse and show them the way that you do your injections – they may be able to suggest a slightly different way of doing it that hurts you less. We have some goodinjecting tips on our Teens' sitethat might be able to help.

"As for Easter and Easter eggs, you can still enjoy some chocolate the same as everyone else – the trick is not to have too much! The recommended amounts for eating chocolate are the same for everyone, whether they have diabetes or not – so try and keep it for special treats rather than eating it to satisfy your hunger. We've got lots oftips about eating treatstoo."– My Life

"hi i have injections as well and it really hurts i have had it for 6 days now and its not that bad its just that easter is comeing up and i can't have easter eggs have you got any info i could really do with it."– Amy

"i was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago. the day after i was diagnosed i started doing my own injections. i have great diabetes nurses julie,kirsten and susie. my parents are really proud of me for coping so well."– Daisy

"I have had Diabetes for about a year. Nick Jonas has Diabetes."– Caroline

"I found out I had diabetes two days ago, I am still feeling unwell. When my mum told me everything about diabetes I was a little bit amazed that I didn't take care of myself. This website has helped me so much. I will keep reading it every day for more advice."– Kathryn

"I have diabetes, and it is fine when you know what to do. Learning is easy. I find Diabetes UK helpful as it has loads of info."– Robyn

"I have had diabetes for six years and I have struggled but I got used to it, so people who have just got diabetes don't be afraid because you will get used to it very soon!"– Eleanor

"I've just got diagnosed in june and i was scared at first but now its just become second nature to me!"– Emily

"Hi, i am Hannah. i have diabetes and when i was first diagnosed i was really worried about what may happen in the future. my friend lauren has been really supportive of me the whole i would like to say a HUGE thank u to her i love u lauren xxxx :) "– Hannah

"My name is Kellie and I am 11 years old. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on the 1/02/11. My mum could tell that I wasn't well because I was always falling asleep and drinking lots and not going to the toilet much so my mum spoke to my cousin who also has diabetes and she said that it sounded like i had it too.

"My mum took me to the doctors and they booked me in for blood tests for the following week. However the next day I ended up back at the doctors because I was really ill and they sent me to hospital. When I first found out I had diabetes I was really upset and scared because I didn't know what it was. I was too scared to do my own sugars and insulin but I was told I wasn't allowed to go home until I did it. I managed to do my own sugars but was still to scared to do my insulin but my mum promised me that if I did it then she would buy me the big teddy bear that I wanted. I can now do my sugars and insulin all by myself. I have insulin 4 times a day and I'm not scared as much any more. My friend at school who is in the same class as me also has type 1 diabetes so I'm not alone and we look after each other."– Kellie


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