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Diabetes watch

Diabetes UK is committed to ensuring that people with diabetes receive high-quality care wherever they live, and that they know what care to expect. Diabetes Watch is the method by which we will hold health services to account.

We will shine a light on the very best services, identifying examples of excellent care, and identify those areas where more needs to be done to ensure people with diabetes are provided with the essential care they need and expect.

Diabetes – what care should you receive?

We use the 15 healthcare essentials care standards set out by NICE and NHS Quality Improvement as the starting point. These include:

  • blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol checks
  • monitoring of eyes, kidney function, legs, feet and weight
  • individual care planning, smoking cessation advice, emotional and psychological support
  • guidance on accessing specialist care and education courses.

Diabetes Watch online information tool

We have developed anonline information toolto show, when there is nationally available data, how the 15 healthcare essentials are being provided in your local health area.

Launch the Diabetes Watch online tool

As well as accessing this information, you can alsofeed back your viewsabout the care you receive, and see how you canget involvedin helping us to do more to improve diabetes care in the UK. Using data from national audits, surveys and other sources in England, Scotland and Wales, the tool shows you how the care and checks that form your 15 healthcare essentials are being provided in your health areas.

For example, you could see that, for your local health area, 95 per cent of people have had their HbA1c recorded in the last year, against a national figure of 91 per cent, indicating that performance for that healthcare essential is better than the national average.

The data we use

The data behind the tool comes from theNational Diabetes Auditin England and Wales, and theScottish Diabetes Survey.

These are the largest and most comprehensive audits of their kind and provide us with the most current data on diabetes.

The data and information is based on activity in the previous year from Clinical Commissioning Groups in England, Local Health Boards in Wales and NHS Boards in Scotland. There is currently no data available for Northern Ireland, but we are working to try to make sure that this is recorded in future.

In the future, we aim to make use of data that shows performance at the GP practice level, as it becomes available, so that you can see the quality of care provided by your local surgery.

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