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End of Life Care (October 2013)

Patients with diabetes who are at the end of life, have a unique set of care needs, including those relating to health and social care. However end of life diabetes care has been recognised as an area lacking quality standards and guidance on best clinical practice.

This is the second edition of this guidance. Find out more about end of life diabetes care by downloading the three documents from the Downloads box.

The documents aim to summarise a consistent but high quality approach towards end of life care for people with diabetes by providing a series of clinical care recommendations. The documents have been endorsed by leading diabetes organisations including: NHS Diabetes, ABCD, TREND-UK, IDOP, National Diabetes Nurse Consultants, and the Diabetes Inpatient Nurses UK Group

The documents are presented in three parts:

  1. The strategy document (PDF, 740 KB)
  2. Clinical care recommendations (PDF, 620 KB) 
  3. Downloadable supplementary information including algorithms(PDF, 395 KB)
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