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National Diabetes Audit (NDA) reports

Find out what reports have been published in the latest audits of diabetes care in England and Wales and download and read our easy-to-read versions aimed at people with diabetes and the general public.

Core Audit

Latest information on data collection and reports are available from the NHS Digital website:

National Diabetes Inpatient Audit (NaDIA) 

  • The NaDIA 2017 reports, published in March 2018, provide a summary of the 2017 audit findings for England and Wales as well as comparative hospital results at an individual site level.
  • Further information on the NaDIA can be found on the NHS Digital website.

National Diabetes Foot care Audit (NDFA)

  • The NDFA 2014-2017 report, published in March 2018, collected data on 19,453 people with acute diabetic foot ulcers. The findings are reported at national, commissioner, provider and network level.
  • A new Hospital Admission Report 2014-16  was published in October 2017. Patients in the NDFA have been linked to hospital admissions data in England and Wales, allowing analysis of hospital inpatient activity during the six months following first expert assessment by the specialist foot care service. The report includes: all hospital admissions, foot disease admissions, length of stay, revascularisation and amputation.
  • As the NDFA is a continuous data collection, services can commence participation at any time. All services that treat diabetic foot ulcers are expected to participate in the NDFA and participating services should attempt to record data on all new referrals to their service.

National Pregnancy in Diabetes (NPID) audit

Other relevant reports and resources

The NDA has published a Guide to Quality Improvement in Specialist Diabetes Services (PDF, 210KB), which offers a brief but comprehensive review of the principles and practice of improvement methodology, together with suggestions for how these examples can be applied to diabetes care.

The National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network (NCVIN) provides a range of diabetes data, tools and information to support improvement activity.

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