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Metronic MiniMed 640G insulin pump – potential issue with loss of sound

Medtronic have issued a warning earlier this week to users of their MiniMed 640G Insulin Pump that following a software update (4.10), the pump in some instances fails to make the expected audio sounds during alerts, alarms or sirens.

This lack of audio could cause users to miss system notifications, alarms or sirens associated with how the pump is working and with high/low glucose alerts.

This loss of audio can delay your response to the reasons for the audio alert, alarm or siren, which could lead to health risks, for example, hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia. Medtronic have contacted all users with potentially affected insulin pumps.

Users should note that even if your pump has an audio issue, it will continue to deliver insulin as expected. 

Medtronic recommend the following steps are taken in a letter to MiniMed 640G insulin pump users in the UK (PDF, 334KB)

  • Enable the “vibrate” feature on your pump. Even if the Audio Beep test passes, you should enable the vibrate feature (in addition to the audio feature). This will add an additional notification to any alerts or alarms you may receive on your pump
  • Perform an Audio Beep test to see if your pump is experiencing this potential issue. This test will identify if your pump audio and emergency siren are working. Full instructions for carrying out this test can be found in the attached letter.

If your pump fails the beep test, it will not regain its audio capabilities, and a replacement will be required in order for you to use the audio features of your pump. If your pump does pass the test, you should still continue to perform regular beep tests to ensure continued audio functionality.

If you have any concerns, we advise you to get in touch with Medtronic by calling their helpline on 01923205167

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