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New electronic pen for injecting insulin

The pen, which has an electronic memory that records the amount and time of the previous 16 doses of insulin, will hopefully help people with diabetes to maintain their blood glucose at the right level.

However this new pen may not be available for some time yet in the UK.A spokesperson for Eli Lilly sai: "The HumaPen Memoir is not available in the UK.  Lilly are currently assessing its use in Europe and it is available to some patients in Finland and Netherlands."Cathy Moulton, Care Advisor, said: "This device won’t tell you how much insulin you need to take, but it will hopefully prevent people from taking much more or much less than they usually take."It is certainly interesting and may help people to manage their diabetes more effectively when available. It is important for people with diabetes to ensure they take their insulin regularly and with the correct dosing.

"This reduces the risk long-term complications of diabetes, which include heart disease, strokes, kidney damage, blindness, amputations and nerve damage."

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