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Extra walking helps control Type 2 diabetes

An extra 45 minute walk a day can improve Type 2 diabetes control, according to a new Diabetes UK-funded study.

Newcastle University’s Dr Michael Trenell and Professor Roy Taylor found that walking regularly improves Type 2 diabetes control by burning more fat, which helps control blood glucose levels.

The study

In the study, ten people with Type 2 diabetes were paired with a control group of people of a similar height, weight and age who did not have diabetes. They were each given a pedometer and asked to walk over 10,000 steps a day.

Improved diabetes management

An advanced MRI scanner showed that the extra walking helped burn about 20 per cent more fat - increasing the ability of the muscles to store sugar and help control diabetes.

“Even in this limited eight-week period we could see that people with Type 2 diabetes were processing energy more efficiently,” said Dr Trenell. Dr Iain Frame, Director of Research at Diabetes UK, said: “These findings prove that even gentle physical activity is vital in managing Type 2 diabetes. Effectively controlling the condition reduces the risk of developing serious long-term complications and will improve well-being. It is fantastic to see Diabetes UK-funded research translating into practical advice for people with diabetes."

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