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Last chance to sign Diabetes UK Scotland e-petition

An e-petition initiated by Diabetes UK Scotland is now seeking support on the Scottish Parliament’s website.

to the hundreds of people who have already signed since the petition began in January.

The petition calls on the NHS in Scotland to have the resources to deliver diabetes self-management courses throughout Scotland to everyone who has diabetes.

Presently courses, such as DAFNE, Desmond, Xpert and others, are only available to some newly diagnosed people in certain areas of the country.

Real benefits

“We are encouraging people to support this petition as we believe there are real benefits to people with diabetes from diabetes self management in terms of diabetes control and the consequent better quality of life," said Audrey Birt, Director of Diabetes UK Scotland.

"With a current 5 to 10 per cent of NHS spend being on diabetes and its complications, it is evident that better diabetes control also benefits the NHS and the economy as a whole.”

The petition, which, will be considered by the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions Committee.

How to support the petition

You cansign up to the petition on the Scottish Parliament website.

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