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Diabetes film trilogy

A scriptwriter, film maker and lecturer with diabetes has written three short horror films, named the 'Bitter Sweet Trilogy', to encourage people to discuss diabetes more openly. Tom Craig wants to create a real understanding of the condition and work towards reducing the risk of serious diabetes complications.

Tom, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of four, said: "Adjusting to the psychological aspects of living with diabetes, in my experience, can be the hardest part of dealing with the condition. Unfortunately, this is also an area that healthcare professionals often see as a secondary consideration."

The first film of the trilogy, 'Sugar Drop', sees a student having a hypo while stuck in a lift, without access to any treatment or any way of getting help. Ben’s panic, sweats and eventual hallucinations are medically accurate, but a question mark is left hanging as Ben is not actually hallucinating, and there is something in the lift with him...

The film was shot on a tight budget and everyone worked on it for free.

The trilogy's second is about a man going blind who decides to spend his remaining sighted time destroying the beauty of the world around him, so that he will only be leaving behind ugliness. Diabetic retinopathy, caused by changes to blood vessels in the retina, can damage vision or cause blindness.

The third film in the series was inspired by the true story of American Edwarda O'Bara, who has spent the past 39 years in a diabetic coma.

Both the second and third films are hoped to be finished by summer 2010.

"I think the market for the trilogy will be largely at public events, festival venues and on the internet," added Tom. "We have great hopes for the future distribution of these shorts films and for their potential in getting people to talk more openly about the psychological pressures faced by people with diabetes."

You can read more about Tom's films in the latest edition of Balance.

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